Contentworks Expands Its ICO Offerings

With cryptocurrencies popping up left, right and centre and investors eager to make a profit – you won’t find us putting our feet up or taking a nap at our desks. Oh no! At Contentworks, we’re wide awake and have recently expanded our ICO offerings to comply with current trends.

Content Marketing and ICOs: A Match Made in Heaven

ICOs, otherwise known as Initial Coin Offerings are an innovative fundraising tool in which a company attracts investors in exchange for cryptocurrencies of immediate liquid value. If the ‘new kid on the block’ currency appreciates in value, the investor makes a profit. It’s as simple as that and at Contentworks we’re helping the biggest ICOs to succeed. It turns out that ICOs and quality content are a perfect couple – but what works when it comes to marketing an ICO?

1.Delivering engaging, informative and innovative content

There’s one main problem when it comes to ICOs. Not many people understand what they are or what they do – and with bizarre currency names floating around such as “Psilocybin” and “The Vegan Initiative,” it’s hardly surprising that the crypto world is shrouded in confusion.

That said; an engaging and informative content marketing strategy will make crypto easier to understand. Clear, concise communication is essential if you want your target audience to grasp the whole crypto and ICO idea – so here’s what the Contentworks team can help you with.

  • Up-to-date, interesting and relevant explainer blogs related to specific ICOs
  • Engaging articles helping to educate and inform prospective investors
  • Insightful infographics to help explain the crypto and ICO concept visually
  • Eco-friendly presentations and slideshows that don’t involve a mass of printouts
  • Updated web content to ensure your online space is factually correct and compliant
  • Social media posts and ICO-related campaigns
  • High-quality video content and video scripts explaining the unique selling points of your ICO
  • Innovative slide-shares that you can pass on to employees and clients
  • Illustrations which bring the written word to life
  • PR to get those all important investment eyes on your brand

2. Tailoring content to suit your target ICO audience

In order to succeed within a competitive industry, you must tailor your approach accordingly – and that’s something we can also help you with.

First and foremost, you need to understand who you are talking to. If you are addressing those with extensive digital currency knowledge, you need to market your ICO clearly without dumbing down the content so much that it looks amateurish. On the other hand, if you are speaking to crypto newbies, your content needs to be as informative as possible but not childlike or insulting. Finding the balance is not always easy and you may even have to speak to both sides of the spectrum.

Similarly, know your audience! If you’re speaking to 20-30 year olds with an interest in online gaming, you won’t be addressing them with the same words or tone as you would 50+ investment bankers.

3. Being creative and compliant simultaneously

When it comes to writing about cryptocurrencies and ICOs you need to be as creative as possible. Competition is fierce within the financial sector and with investors searching for the best ICOs on the market, it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd.

That said, you can’t just say the first thing that comes to your head. The finance sector is governed by many rules and regulations. You’ll be monitored at every turn, so you must know what could leave you in trouble with regulatory giants such as CySEC, MiFID, the FCA and FSA.

In order to get content for crypto right, here are some basic guidelines to follow:

  • Be as transparent as possible
  • Disclose all facts and avoid making misleading promises, guarantees or statements
  • Never make recommendations
  • Do not discuss specific investment products without disclosure statements
  • Don’t be biased or assuming
  • Learn the rules and regulations regarding digital currencies known as ‘securities’
  • Read the financial news and be aware of any updates to the law

We can provide you with a complete content marketing strategy including blogging, PR, presentations, videos and website content. So, if you need help implementing a top marketing strategy for your ICO, talk to the Contentworks team today and make the most of our ICO expertise.

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