Press Releases

Elevate Your Brand With Press Releases

Want PR that gets you noticed?

At Contentworks Agency, we create content that’s perfect for getting you noticed by the media. Press releases about your brand, interviews with your founders, thought leadership or education, we've got you covered. We have a large database of media contacts and not only write, but place and socialise PR to maximise traction.

We work with banks, brokers, fintechs and crypto exchanges in addition to leading lifestyle brands to deliver winning PR services.

Whether you want to improve your online reputation, raise awareness about your products or launch a new brand, our team can help.

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    We'll let you into a secret. Placing a PR in the media is only part of what you need to do to raise awareness. Our PR services include content writing, placement and socialising of the PR to increase traction and engagement. We work with leading brands around the world to improve their reputation, increase their digital footprint and attract new clients. The key is to be strategic. We work with leading international brands to strategise and deliver on content marketing and PR.

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