Content Marketing Predictions for 2018

With content marketing set to be a $300 billion industry by 2019, it’s clear that marketers are putting more time and energy into their content strategies – and rightly so. While ideas come and go faster than a Bugatti Veyron Sport at full speed, staying on top of the latest trends is a must. The Contentworks team lives, eats and breathes content (also coffee) so we rounded up their content marketing predictions for 2018.

“It’s just a blog – what’s the big deal?”

“Isn’t social media for posting pictures?”

“Instagram isn’t for professional companies, is it?

As content marketing with an integrated social element is a relatively new concept, it can be easy to dismiss it as a fad – but that’s simply not acceptable anymore. Content is an important part of any business development strategy making it essential to analyse trends and look to the year ahead. While 2017 saw an explosion of influencer marketing and social interaction, 2018 looks set to squeeze every drop of innovation out of the technology industry. So what can we expect? Contentworks directors Charlotte and Niki take a look:

Original content to play a significant role

Marketing mistakes are common with duplicate and re-spun content being a big turn off. With companies struggling to stay relevant, original content has become more crucial than ever.

Take Apple, for instance. The tech giants are planning to invest over $1 billion in original programming which could result in ten new shows. While this might unsettle the likes of Netflix, it leaves the rest of us guessing what’s in store (fingers crossed for an epic new series to binge watch).

On a similar note, Facebook is also planning to bring original content to its platform and is reportedly willing to prepare up to $3 million per episode for centrepiece shows. Perhaps the only downside for all of us impatient and over-spoilt tech lovers is that there will be ads. D’oh!

Content Marketing Predictions for 2018 Takeaway: Don’t repurpose old content or become complacent. Instead, think outside of the box and see what new ideas you can bring to the table.

1.Content will move off the screen

Charlotte says “Constantly looking down at your phone or iPad can be quite restrictive. It may even give you a creak in the neck. The good news is; content will continue to move away from the screen allowing you to use technology on the go.”

Think about how we interact with devices already. You can have a really good chat with Siri – the smartphone’s answer to a digital assistant – and then there’s Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service which allows you to add intelligent voice control to connected products with a microphone and a speaker.

Many companies are already taking full advantage of Alexa with the American Heart Foundation using the voice service technology to tell people how to perform CPR.

Takeaway: Read, read and read some more. Take note of all the latest ideas and understand the importance of connectivity and the Internet of Things.

2. Video will increase in popularity

According to a customer survey by Livestream, 80% of respondents would rather tune into a video than read a blog. What’s more, 82% were more interested in watching live video from a brand than reading social media posts. Video content is also undoubtedly being fuelled by social with the below graphic showing the dominance of YouTube.

Niki says “As well as uploads to social platforms, live streaming and 3D video content will explode in 2018 with sites such as YouTube and Facebook supporting 360 video. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are actively promoting immersive technology which will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect on corporate marketing and the live events industry.“

Content Marketing Predictions for 2018 Takeaway: Understand that content is about being creative. Use video to engage your target audience in a fun and informative way.

3. Augmented reality will become mainstream

The International Data Corporation shows that, based on sales and forecast models, revenue from video and augmented reality (AR) will grow from just over $5 billion in 2016 to more than $160 billion by 2020. While Shopify has already set the pace with its augmented reality application, Thread Studio, brands like Ikea and Nike are also eying up the benefits of AR – with plenty more companies sure to follow suit.

Content Marketing Predictions for 2018 Takeaway: Take note of growing trends and use them to your advantage where possible.

4. Disappearing content is here to stay

Charlotte says “Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that disappearing content also known as Ephemeral content, is the latest craze with apps such as Snapchat, Wickr, Slingshot, Yovo and Clipchat all offering some kind of vanishing content. The trend will continue to take social platforms by storm with short-lived content being a great marketing tool for many brands. Not only does it make marketing messages more consumable but it lends a weight and urgency to the content.”

Content Marketing Predictions for 2018 Takeaway: Short, sharp content that’s easy to digest is becoming increasingly popular.

Being prepared for all the latest marketing trends is highly important, so if you want help with your upcoming plans – speak to the Contentworks team today.

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