Meet the Top 10 Tech Influencers

Tech Influencers

It’s hard to believe that Twitter just turned 11. The social media behemoth is an amazing place to learn about the world, get informed about breaking news and follow the people who inspire you the most but if you don’t where to start, it can be a tough space to tackle. That’s evident by the countless campaigns that have failed to gain relevance in the dizzying world of tweets and re-tweets.

If you’re a freelancer, investor or business owner (or would like to be any of the above), then Contentworks has a gift for you. We’ve developed the definitive list of tech Twitter influencers you should follow. If you’re not already a tech enthusiast, these ten guys and gals will definitely inspire you to become one. Meet the top 10 tech influencers below.


#1 Elon Musk @elonmusk

When it comes to inspirational tech influencers, Elon Musk takes the cake. The founder of SolarCity, Tesla and SpaceX (not to mention PayPal before that) is constantly pushing the boundaries on what’s possible. Space travel, hyperloop and neural technology are just some of the ideas currently being explored by the South African business tycoon.


#2 Marc Andreesen @pmarca

In the wide world of information technology, very few top Marc Andreessen, the coauthor of Mosaic and cofounder of internet browser Netscape. Andreessen’s resume also includes stops at Facebook, eBay and Oculus VR. He also seems to be one of the very few top influencers who actually responds to questions.


#3 Jack Dorsey @jack

“just setting up my twttr”

Who knew that, 11 years ago, those five words would change the internet forever? Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, is highly active on the platform he created. Even WikiLeaks follows Jack Dorsey!


#4 Emily Chang @emilychangtv

Anyone interested in the intersection between technology, business and investments needs to follow Emily Chang, the host of Bloomberg West. Chang is not only a great host, she’s your gateway to some of the world’s leading tech influencers. Follow Chang for a steady stream of enriching content.


#5 David Cohen @davidcohen

David Cohen is more than just a tech enthusiast. He founded Techstars, “the number one internet startup accelerator in the world.” If you’re passionate about the power of the internet to change our lives (like it already has), Cohen is the man you want to follow.


#6 Kara Swisher @karaswisher

The San Francisco-based runner of Recode is the definitive source for all things tech. Swisher has an active pulse on the industry. News, insights and a plethora of valuable links can be found by following @karaswisher.


#7 Charles Arthur @charlesarthur

Nobody knows the tech world better than Charles Arthur, a former editor for The Guardian. Back in 2012 he wrote a really cool book called Digital Wars: Apple, Google, and Microsoft Battle for the Internet. That’s the perfect Segway to his Twitter feed.


#8 Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang

Jeremiah Owyang fills a unique niche on Twitter with his uncanny ability to combine technology and economics. For those of us passionate about the impact of I.T. on the economy (and vice versa), @jowyang can provide invaluable insights that will leave you with more questions than answers. And that’s a good thing.


#9 Om Malik @om

Om Malik is a believer of “Imagineering,” and his posts certainly reflect that. The partner of True Ventures offers unique insights on the technology industry for those of us interested in learning about all the breaking trends. From mobile to big data, Malik is a true tech expert.


#10 Bill Gates @BillGates

Bill Gates is one of the most important trailblazers the tech industry has ever seen. Nowadays he mainly tweets about world issues like poverty and social justice. Follow Gates to develop a broader perspective on the world and how technology can be used as a vehicle for social change.


This list only scratches the surface of what’s available on the Twittersphere. But it’s definitely a great place to start. Follow these ten influencers to never miss a beat on the fast-paced world of technology.  At Contentworks, the leading content marketing agency, we will identify your influencers and network with them from your channels. With our social media expertise and content prowess, we can help you boost your SEO, retention and ROI through influencer marketing.



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