100 Finance Hashtags to Use Right Now

Brands post an average of 7.5 times a day on Facebook. Around 6000 tweets are sent every second. And there are more than 200 million brands on Instagram. These huge numbers mean your content can go unnoticed, but hashtags make it easier for the right people and potential leads to engage with you. Financial hashtags are a well-known tool for traders, investors, institutes, and B2B corporations. Contentworks Agency is an established financial services marketing agency, and we know our finance hashtags. Here are 100 finance hashtags to use right now.

Popular finance hashtags

These finance hashtags touch on popular finance topics including trading, investing, wealth management, and current events moving the market. Whether you’re a broker, bank or asset management firm, there’s a hashtag to use.

  1. #finance
  2. #money
  3. #forex
  4. #trading
  5. #price
  6. #stocks
  7. #business
  8. #currency
  9. #GlobalTrade
  10. #investment
  11. #investing
  12. #stockmarket
  13. #wealth
  14. #RealEstate
  15. #markets
  16. #economy
  17. #banking
  18. #bank
  19. #trading

Fintech hashtags

With an increasing demand for simplified financial services and a growing preference for customer-orientated business approaches, the fintech industry has continued to grow year on year; the fintech industry is projected to reach a market value of $324 billion in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 25.18% over 2022-2027.  Your fintech brand can stay relevant and engaged by using these hashtags.

  1. #fintech
  2. #entrepreneur
  3. #startup
  4. #FintechNews
  5. #FintechSolutions
  6. #FintechStartup
  7. #PaymentTech
  8. #InsureTech
  9. #WealthTech
  10. #InvestTech

Green finance hashtags

So-called ‘green finance’ is increasingly front of mind for both brands and consumers. Customers want to know that brands are considering just how sustainable their business practices are. Green finance brands pay attention to climate issues and operate ethically and sustainably. To engage customers and businesses that are looking to become greener, use hashtags related to sustainability.

  1. #SustainableFinance
  2. #SustainableInvesting
  3. #esg
  4. #Greenbonds
  5. #GreensFinancialsSces
  6. #GreenFinancing
  7. #sustainable
  8. #ConnectingGreenTalent
  9. #Sustainability
  10. #GreenFinance
  11. #ImpactInvesting
  12. #SustainableDevelopment

Blockchain and crypto hashtags

The blockchain and crypto industry is constantly shifting. Staying on top of developments is critical for customers and brands in this space. Hashtags help to users stay on top of crypto and blockchain news and so are widely followed. Remember, listening is just as important as posting! Here are some great blockchain and crypto hashtags to use:

  1. #blockchain
  2. #crypto
  3. #cryptocurrency
  4. #cryptocurrencies
  5. #airdrop
  6. #xrc
  7. #ethereum
  8. #tether
  9. #altcoin
  10. #CryptoNews
  11. #bitcoin
  12. #BitcoinMining
  13. #BitcoinTrading
  14. #BitcoinCash
  15. #BinanceCoin
  16. #BlockchainTechnology
  17. #litecoin

Trending hashtags

Some hashtags remain current for years, but new hashtags are constantly being popularised due to current events. At the time of writing, events such as the war in Ukraine and fuel prices are featuring heavily in hashtags and are being searched by people involved in finance so that they can stay up to date on issues that move the market.

  1. #Ukraine
  2. #Biden
  3. #TradeWar
  4. #OilPrices
  5. #GasPrices
  6. #ElonMusk
  7. #CostOfLiving
  8. #inflation
  9. #EnergyPrices

Audience hashtags

You should make every effort to target your target audience with your marketing campaign and that includes via the hashtags you use. Millennials and Gen Z form the largest proportion of consumers meaning they are crucial for the growth of any brand in finance. To engage them, use hashtags that appeal to them and provide solutions to their problems.

  1. #FinancialFreedom
  2. #PersonalFinance
  3. #FinancialPlanning
  4. #mortgage
  5. #FinancialLiteracy
  6. #RetirementPlanning
  7. #DebtFree
  8. #FinancialAdvisor

News and information hashtags

The financial market moves fast. What’s relevant one day is quickly forgotten about the next. Opportunities for investment can come and go in a matter of days. Hashtags are one way for users to stay on top of current events that are affecting the market and help to deliver  timely news.

  1. #news
  2. #FinancialNews
  3. #FinanceNews
  4. #MarketNews
  5. #MarketUpdates
  6. #FinancialAdvice
  7. #financial

NFT hashtags

There was a period where it felt like all people could talk about were NFTs. The NFT boom seems to have diminished somewhat, with the peak occuring in January of 2022. Since then we’ve seen a steady decline in sales of NFTs. That’s not to say it’s impossible to make money from NFTs today, and hashtags will certainly help you reach wider audiences.

  1. #nft
  2. #nfts
  3. #NftArt
  4. #NftCommunity
  5. #NftArtist
  6. #DigitalArt
  7. #CryptoArt
  8. #NftDrop
  9. #NftCollectibles
  10. #NftArtwork

Metaverse hashtags

The Metaverse has overtaken NFTs as the most talked about innovation. The already futuristic metaverse is set to see ever-developing progress and is likely to be in constant discussion for some time to come. If your brand is involved in the metaverse, make sure your customers know this by using metaverse hashtags.

  1. #meta
  2. #metaverse
  3. #MetaverseGeneration
  4. #MetaverseNft
  5. #MetaverseNews
  6. #MetaverseCoin
  7. #MetaverseArt
  8. #MetaverseFashion

How many hashtags to use?

It’s very likely you’ll hear conflicting advice on this. And there are reasons behind this differing advice. Using too few hashtags, or none at all, means you could be limiting your potential audience reach. Using too many, however, can come off as overly spammy. This is something that finance-orientated brands should try to avoid. The maximum number of hashtags you can use on Instagram is 30, but that doesn’t mean this is number you should use.

Here’s some platform-specific advice:

  • Twitter. Hashtags on Twitter are very visible and too many clutter up a tweet, detract from the message, and position your brand as try-hard and spammy. According to Social Pilot, one to two hashtags can achieve 21% more engagement, whereas tweets with more than two hashtags can see up to 17% less engagement.
  • LinkedIn. Limiting the number of hashtags on a single post to three is recommended by the platform. LinkedIn has stated that using too many hashtags could lead to your post being marked as spam.
  • Facebook. Facebook is probably the platform where hashtags matter least. They’re simply not used nor searched particularly frequently there. Using no hashtags on Facebook is perfectly acceptable, or you may choose to use only one or two that match up with a current marketing campaign from your brand.
  • Instagram. Not too long ago, Instagram itself recommended using only three to five hashtags per post. It’s no secret that hashtags drastically boost reach and engagement on the platform, which is why it’s somewhat surprising that IG recommends using only a handful. Instagram’s recommendation is at odds with the results for creators. In short, the more hashtags you use on Instagram, the better reach/engagement you get. It can be said that excessive hashtags gives off a spammy vibe on IG, but it’s fairly easy to bury hashtags in your posts on Instagram – either by leaving five lines of dots under your caption and then inserting your hashtags, or by posting your hashtags separately in a comment to the post. See the results of a hashtag reach rate experiment by Later

Should I use popular or niche hashtags?

It’s a good idea to use mix of popular, trending, and niche hashtags so that you cover all bases. While trending and uber popular hashtags have the potential to reach huge audiences, niche hashtags can sometimes get you better and/or more targeted engagement.

Instagram and Twitter will allow you to see how many times a particular hashtag has been used by searching for that hashtag. There’s no particular number that indicates whether a hashtag is niche or not, but generally, niche hashtags are those that have been used only a few thousand or even only a few hundred times. Users that follow or search niche hashtags do so because they are specifically interested in a certain topic. And because less brands are using niche hashtags, you have more of a chance of being noticed.

The niche hashtags you use could be location based – for example, you could add your city name before or after a popular hashtag e.g. #GreenFinanceBristol. This means you have a higher chance of reaching customers based in your area. You could also try adding words that sum up your brand’s target audience, industry niche, or words that reflect particular system or process used by your brand e.g. #GenZFinance, #RetirementReady, #TradingMentor.

Campaign Hashtags

If you’re running a campaign then creating a campaign specific hashtag is a great idea. This will allow you to zero in on conversations, questions and entries for your campaign or competition. It also helps your marketing agency to track mentions, engagement and interaction for your campaign. Keep campaign hashtags memorable and easy to write like these famous ones:

  • #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola
  • #HereToCreate by Adidas
  • #IceBucketChallenge by ALS Association
  • #TweetFromTheSeat by Charmin
  • #MyCalvins by Calvin Klein
  • #WeAccept by Airbnb

Remember to be inclusive when you use hashtags. We recently authored a guide on social media inclusivity which you can check out here.

What do you think about our 100 finance hashtags to use … Did we miss any? Let us know your thoughts about hashtags for the financial services industry by tweeting us @_Contentworks. If you need expert financial services marketing, talk to our team. We understand compliance, regulations and terminology, and produce high level content for the leading players in the sector


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