Why Finance CMOs Need To Outsource

The finance sector is fast-paced and relentless. Working as a finance CMO (Chief Marketing Officer ) is no walk in the park.  But if you’re constantly tackling impossible workloads and drinking your body weight in coffee just to get through the day, a change is necessary. Thankfully, outsourcing work to a content marketing agency like Contentworks can free up your time and give you more energy to tackle the jobs in hand.

3 Reasons Finance CMOs Need To Outsource

You know you’re tired, everyone else can see you’re tired – but won’t outsourcing look like you’re passing the buck? Of course not! Delegating properly can be great for productivity and here’s your justification for doing so.

#1 You Have Too Much To Do

The job of a CMO in the finance sector is to generate revenue through acquisition and retention. This means your marketing campaigns have to be on point – but we all know it’s not as simple as thinking up an idea and running with it. Oh no! There’s day-to-day meetings to get through, approval processes to navigate, media suppliers to communicate with and team management to consider. Reporting on figures and targets takes time too when done correctly and brainstorming ideas is just the very beginning of getting where you want to be in terms of ROI. In short, there’s an awful lot of work to be done – but it’s not all doom and gloom.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a magic wand? An external company who is not only ace at reading briefs but can deliver exceptional work in a timely fashion helping to free up you and your team (subtle aren’t we)? Well, this can become a reality but in order to get sign off for work being outsourced you’ll need to:

  • Be highly organised and show the top guns how and why it’s beneficial.
  • Know what you want to outsource, when and to which company.
  • Find experts that understand the USPs of your business. Our team at Contentworks, for instance, offers specialised content marketing solutions for the finance sector covering a range of topics from crypto CFDs to forex to blockchain technology.
  • Enjoy a selection of writing styles from analysis, creative, blogging and PR.

 #2 You Have No Time To Manage A Large Team

Managing a large team takes time and energy. There’s always something to consider from sick days and holiday to team morale and keeping everyone enthused about a particular campaign. It’s a job within itself despite everything else you have to do, but what if there was a different way of working? Taking on full-time employees is often necessary, but sometimes it’s not. If your workload increases temporarily, for instance, outsourcing the excess work could be much easier than bringing on new staff. It could even save money in the long run. Similarly, if you don’t want your team to get too big, finding experts who can offer their assistance is a great way to keep your team small without compromising productivity.

#3 Recruiting Talented Employees Can Be Difficult

You know what you’re looking for, but can’t seem to find the right talent for your company. This can be frustrating but when you outsource work you can look for agencies such as Contentworks who are already established experts in their field. By collaborating with external sources there will be no need to train staff from scratch and guide them through an awkward probation period. Instead, you can tap into the expertise of people who know what they’re doing and can get straight to work on your brief.

Of course, opting for the wrong agency can also be time consuming. So, when choosing who to work with, be sure to:

  • Set paid trial tasks to see if an external company is a good fit.
  • Work with organisations that have been recommended and have a great reputation.
  • Do your homework. Check out websites, company blogs, social media activity and staff profiles on LinkedIn to ensure everything looks up-to-scratch.
  • Talk with the agency bosses- if you like them and feel you can work with them, it’s a great start!

The Benefits of Outsourcing Content Marketing

So as you can see, there are many benefits to outsourcing – but what are the key takeaways?

  1. Outsourcing is a great time saver so long as you commission work to those with the relevant experience.
  2. Outsourcing can reduce company stress levels and create a happier workplace environment and a calmer team that’s easier to manage.
  3. When you outsource work, employees can concentrate on what they’re good at and not have to take on additional tasks they’ve not been trained for.
  4. Outsourcing will give you more energy to be creative and think up new ideas.
  5. With input from experts, you can potentially gain new and fresh perspectives on campaigns and see things from a different angle.

Hiring a finance writer internally is great but it’s never an “all you can eat” deal. Each writer will have his or her own set of specialities. If you’re a finance CMO looking to outsource content marketing or social media management, contact the Contentworks crew today for more information. Contentworks is a finance marketing agency that creates varied content for the sector. We’ve worked with many leading brands and offer a fully-compliant and creative approach.

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