Cryptocurrency PR – Here’s What You Need To Know

Cryptocurrencies have shimmied into the limelight of late with advanced blockchain technology positively disrupting many industries across the globe. With new blockchain-based start-ups, ICOs and cryptocurrencies flooding the internet, companies are now looking to tap into cryptocurrency PR to get their voices heard and engage with consumers. Indeed, PR is the perfect medium to help people understand the crypto sector, discover new brands and decide where they want to spend their dollars.

Cryptocurrency PR Stats

First things first, check out these statistics to see why 2017 was a ‘Yipeee!’ year for the world of Bitcoin and why the world is paying attention to the crypto sector.

  • 1,962,637 transactions on the Blockchain ledger
  • Average value of a transaction was $5198.86
  • 12,000 transactions conducted per hour

While 2017 was a great year as proved by these statistics, a global cryptocurrency PR push will help to improve the credibility of an industry which is still very much misunderstood.

For PR efforts to be successful, companies need a specialist content marketing agency to craft marketing messages and execute successful promotional campaigns. A leading marketing agency such as Contentworks fits the bill perfectly thanks to the team’s extensive knowledge of the blockchain/crypto world. Contentworks has worked with top finance and technology companies to develop impactful crypto PR campaigns and is well-versed in tracking and adapting to the latest trends.

Such agencies help to provide relevant and factually correct coverage of the crypto industry while educating audiences about how cryptocurrencies work.

Why is PR needed?

Over the past year, Bitcoin valuations have been highly volatile. Bitcoin was trading at $8000 in March this year, significantly higher than the $1,100 mark of a year back. However, it must be noted that the value was much higher in January 2018. Such fluctuations obviously allow beads of perspiration to form on the brows of current and potential investors. In order to mitigate this situation, a PR blitz is needed to build credibility and get more people interested in the industry and the amazing potential it holds.

Companies also get to build industry authority through a well-crafted PR campaign. As a new age cryptocurrency entrepreneur, you need PR as the rocket fuel to propel your brand’s visibility and get a thumbs-up from the industry and investors too.

Some of the best known news sites that have promoted PR for cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchain include:

#1 Cointelligence

Keeping up with the real-time market data on cryptocurrencies has never been easier with Cointelligence. This site is loaded with updates and is the ‘central nervous system for the crypto economy’. Its ICO list and rating system works towards creating a scam-free environment and is used by investors to gauge the most lucrative ICOs.

#2 Cryptovest

This is a superb resource that people can visit to get all the latest news, reviews, updates and major highlights that dominate the world of ICOs and cryptocurrencies. As per its LinkedIn profile, Cryptovest primarily focuses on blockchain and the happenings around this technology.

#3 Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is a go-to site for anyone looking to follow the latest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and blockchain developments. Founded in 2013, it has vast resources covering market moves and essential crypto news.

#4 Bitcoinist

Bitcoinist has its finger on the pulse when it comes to breaking news offering all the latest updates in a clear and easy-to-read way. It’s a superbly informative portal for followers of Bitcoin, altcoins, fintech and the industry as a whole regularly tracking blockchain innovations.

#5 Global Crypto Press

Find out breaking news about all the top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as well as the best ICOs. Currency traders can also get the latest prices for leading crypto-coins on this site.

#6 Coinspeaker

As an influential source of news on blockchain, ICOs, fintech and cryptocurrencies, Coinspeaker has a good fan following. The site has some fabulous resources for budding cryptocurrency investors such as blogs and real-time price updates on Bitcoin and altcoins.

#7 Block Asia

The site advertises itself as a one-stop portal for news and media that dominates the blockchain and crypto space in Asia, and it does its job well.  Block Asia also sets up live streams for industry authority talks and educational content.

#8 CoinDesk

With educational articles, breaking news stories, and a live price ticker, CoinDesk is a veritable goldmine of authoritative intelligence on everything related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICOs. It is also known for hosting the annual Consensus Summit (New York) – the biggest get-together organised for players in the blockchain space.

#9 CoinMarketCap

This site is sure to be a bookmark for serious traders who want to be the next crypto zillionaires. Whether it’s providing real-time price updates of the top 100 cryptocurrencies or retailing a professional API to other businesses, CoinMarketCap does it all.

#10 Crypto Currency News

Get comprehensive coverage on coins, ICOs, regulations updates, and crypto games. The site is useful for walkthroughs on buying cryptocurrencies and trading them the right way. If you are itching to get more info on the crypto world and be educated at the same time, the fun activities and one-on-one interviews with industry stalwarts on the site are ideal.

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PR for cryptocurrencies works towards serious persuasion so that investors feel safe to invest. Harness the awesome cryptocurrency PR skills of Contentworks and establish yourself as a key player within the ever-growing crypto sector. Contentworks can also help you to build the trust, transparency, and credibility needed to make an impact with a larger population across the globe.

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