Top 2019 Marketing Trends For Finance Marketers

Time flies when you’re having fun and for financial marketers the excitement never stops. Not only are there governing bodies to consider alongside rules and regulations, but it’s also essential to stay up-to-date with all the latest advances. So, as 2018 draws to a close, let’s  look at the Top 2019 Marketing Trends For Finance Marketers.

#1 Influencer Marketing

Gone are days when people would rely on advertisements to make decisions on whether to buy an item or service. A study by Nielsen paints a clear picture of how people are slowly running away from traditional ads, with ad blockers becoming more and more prominent.

Influencer marketing is emerging as a reliable and effective marketing strategy. People are likely to buy items when they’ve received a digital ‘thumbs up’ from people they know or adore. Particularly celebrities or thought leaders with an extensive social media following across multiple platforms. 2019 marketing trends will see finance marketers build connections with influencers if they are to reach out to their desired target audience with ease.

Influencer marketing tactics have been circulating throughout 2018 with A-list stars jumping on the crypto bandwagon. But as influencer marketing can lend credibility to a brand and help build trust amongst consumers, it looks set to be an even bigger deal for 2019 marketing trends.

#2 Print-Digital Integration

In recent years, marketers have embraced digital trends and taken promotional activities online. Social media marketing is thriving with platforms like Telegram and Medium leading the way in the finance space. But does that mean print advertising is dead? The answer is no! In fact, 2019 encourages print-digital integration. While digital marketing can help you reach a wider audience, printing fliers, brochures, leaflets and business cards can add a personal charm to your marketing approach. Printed materials are ideal if you regularly attend conferences, talks or other networking events. Then you can circulate with like-minded people and physically hand out branded goodies.

#3 An increased need for engaging content marketing

As more and more businesses go online, 2019 marketing trends show the need for engaging, original and gripping content. Boring and mundane just simply won’t do. So it’s really important to come up with a marketing strategy that’s both on brand and unique to your business. If you can, set yourself apart as thought leaders within a niche finance space and share the content you produce across social media channels.

Producing engaging content is a must. But to increase interaction you must know your target audience and that means conducting extensive market research. When you know where your followers ‘hang out’ you can tailor your approach accordingly.

In 2019, finance marketers will also have to explore their customer’s preferred communication preference if they are to achieve their goals with marketing campaigns. Technology evolution has seen voice search become a big deal in the marketing world. Immediate reports indicate that voice search could account for more than 50% of searches by 2020. With voice search becoming a big deal, marketers will have to explore ways of using it to their advantage in marketing campaigns.

#4 Personalisation and Customisation

Taking consumers on a personalised purchasing journey is a great way to increase engagement. People don’t like to be taken for granted which is why it’s essential to spend more time making your followers feel special. This in turn should be rewarded with brand loyalty.

So how can you do this? Well, knowing your customer demographics and spending habits is a great place to start. Use data analysis tools to monitor trends and discover who has bought your products or used your services previously. That way you can adapt your marketing techniques accordingly and use the right language.

Developing a presence on social media and replying to individual consumers is also a great way to make people feel appreciated and valued. Try to always respond to comments, even if they’re negative. And don’t shy away from retweeting what others have said if it benefits your brand.

#5 Omnichannel marketing

In order to extend your outreach, an omnichannel marketing approach is going to be essential in the 2019 marketing trends mix. If a consumer sees your brand in multiple locations, they’re more likely to pay attention than if all your marketing material is located in once place. What’s more, you should have multiple opportunities for people to ‘take action.’ This could mean a ‘learn more’ button on your website, a ‘contact us’ on social media or an intuitive app with simple click-through pathways. In short, the more accessible you make your brand; the more successful you’re likely to be.

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