How Content Marketing Can Improve Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation

Being a forex broker isn’t all fun and games. In fact, it can be downright stressful when having to deal with negative reviews and biased feedback.  Online Reputation is very important!


New brokers are especially vulnerable to bad PR. Although most businesses value customer feedback and use constructive criticism to improve their services, some reviewers are going to bash your brand no matter what you do. 

New brokers are especially vulnerable to bad PR Click To Tweet

As a wise man in a really great movie once said, some people just want to watch the world burn.  

If your business is on the receiving end of some really nasty PR, content marketing can help you bury negative news online once and for all. Below we look at five strategies you can employ to manage your online image. 

Monitor your reputation  

It’s impossible to fix your reputation if you don’t know where it’s broken. Your marketing or social media department needs to track brand mentions online so that you can pinpoint where all the bad press is coming from.  

Although you might think it’s easy to monitor all your social media channels, this becomes extremely difficult if you have tens of thousands of followers and tens of thousands of posts. A simple hashtag search of your brand won’t reveal everything.  

One of the best ways to monitor your online reputation is to set up Google alerts for your brand and use a tool like Hootsuite to keep track of all social media channels in one place. It’s also beneficial to track customer feedback on review sites and scan message boards for any mention of your company.  

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Maximize (and clean up) your online profiles 

Boosting your online reputation is all about getting solid first page results for your brand. When someone types in your business name, the first couple of pages should be filled with positive content and links to your official website(s) and profiles.  

If that’s the goal, you need to “own” as many first page search results associated with your brand as possible. Some profiles to consider include: 

  • LinkedIn (business and employee pages)
  • Google profile page
  • YouTube
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • SlideShare

Fill up each profile with consistent keyword-rich content that links back to your website(s). The content that appears on these pages should be engaging and up-to-date.  


Bring your employees to the forefront 

One powerful strategy that forex brokers are using is turning their employees into online ambassadors of their brand. In other words, they are bringing their employees to the forefront and introducing them to their network.  

Every forex broker employs risk managers, traders, analysts and customer service staff. Encouraging employees to post on blogs and forums and interact on social media is a powerful tool to develop your online reputation. These activities can not only supress negative feedback, they can also drive more traffic to your website.  


Encourage your happy customers to write reviews 

When it comes to managing your online reputation, nothing is more important than user-generated reviews. Unfortunately, happy customers rarely feel the need to write reviews. It’s only when a client feels disgruntled that they feel the need to “expose” you. 

That’s why it’s critical to follow up with all your existing clients and ensure they leave positive feedback on social media and forex review websites. It’s equally important to engage your employees about leaving positive reviews on sites like Glassdoor.  

If you want more negative reviews, you need to make the review process as easy as possible. You should provide direct links to popular review sites and touch base with your existing clients to encourage them to speak up.  


Respond to every one of your reviews 

Positive or negative, long or short – you should respond to each and every one of your reviews. Positive reviews should receive a sincere thank-you note and negative reviews should get a thoughtful response. This includes acknowledging their bad experience, apologizing for it, explaining why the error occurred and what’s being done to ensure it never happens again.  

At the end of the day, negative reviews that provide real feedback can help you improve your services. It’s always best to appreciate even negative feedback, so long as it isn’t nasty or rude.  

Managing online reputation is important for every business, but is especially critical for forex brokers Click To Tweet

Managing online reputation is important for every business, but is especially critical for forex brokers and other financial market companies. People treat their money very seriously and negative reviews can have a damaging impact on your brand’s long-term success. 

The good news is content marketing can help you supress negative reviews without actually spamming the internet with fake reviews. It requires a concerted approach and should be viewed as a key business objective for the whole company.  



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