How To Rock Content For Cryptocurrency


Ah, cryptography – the digital process of converting information that’s perfectly easy to read into an uncrackable code. It may all sound a bit MI5, but this is exactly what takes place when trading cryptocurrencies. Indeed, since Bitcoin was unveiled back in 2009, there are now over 900 digital currency types available online, so let’s find out how to rock content for cryptocurrency

Understand what’s what

If you think writing about cryptocurrencies means carrying around a magnifying glass, deciphering clues and becoming all Inspector Morse, think again. While there’s nothing wrong with a little role play (in your spare time), it’s essential to know what’s what in order to create clear, concise content.

Here are a few takeaways facts as to what cryptocurrency is all about:

  • Cryptocurrency is a decentralised digital currency – no bank is needed
  • Users can make secure, anonymous payments of any value
  • All transactions updated and held by currency holders are stored on the blockchain
  • Everyone within a peer-to-peer network has access to all transactions
  • Everyone within a peer-to-peer network has access to the balance of every account
  • Bitcoin was unveiled by an unknown inventor (or group of inventors) by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto


Cryptocurrency writing dos…

Use the correct jargon

In order to make cryptocurrency content work, don’t shy away from industry jargon. This isn’t some kind of undercover operation where dodging keywords is the only way to stay alive, so go ahead and use the correct terminology. That said, be sure to explain everything clearly to avoid confusion. What’s more, remember your target audience and don’t dumb anything down unnecessarily.

Feel overwhelmed? Then don’t panic – that’s what we’re here for.


Keep up with the news

Whether you’re writing about finance as a whole or focussing specifically on cryptocurrencies, you must be up to date with all the latest industry news which means reading everything from articles and blogs to news sites and finance-related forums. While daily reading might seem like a chore, it’s actually the perfect excuse to sit down with a coffee (experience talking).

Remember, the slightest bit of information could change how you approach your content. If you’re writing for industry experts, they won’t want to read old or regenerated copy, so keep this in mind.


Know the rules and regulations

Dilemma number one: you want to produce the best content, but don’t understand the rules and regulations surrounding the finance/trading industry. Dilemma number two: you want to advertise your services without specifically telling people what to do.

Writing is full of challenges, but when it comes to the FX sector, there’s no messing around. You absolutely don’t have a free rein to say whatever you please, so it’s essential to know what could get you in big trouble with regulation giants such as CySEC, MiFID, the FCA and FSA.


Cryptocurrency writing don’ts…

Break the rules

With regards to writing about cryptocurrencies, compliance is of paramount importance. Breaking the rules could be very bad for business. To avoid being penalised in any way, you must:


    Focus solely on self-promotion

    Great content isn’t all about promoting what you do. Indeed, by focussing on genuine product USPs or by writing factually correct information about cryptocurrencies and relevant subjects, you’re less likely to clash with regulatory bodies. Creating content without violating regulations is perfectly possible, but it’s worth focussing on clever content marketing over sales banners.


    Use poor spelling and grammar

    If you’ve ever received a text asking if you want to ‘meat’, you’ll know how bad spelling and grammar can be very off-putting. Poor quality content can actually turn clients away, so it’s crucial that your site is as accurate as possible. Of course, if you’re run off your feet and don’t have a dedicated content team to produce copy, it’s normal for errors to creep in – but there’s hope.


    Here at Contentworks, we offer specialised writing solutions especially for the finance and FX industry. We’re fast-thinking and on-the-ball when it comes to compliance, so why not ease your workload by letting us spice up your content marketing strategy? Chat to us about our packages today.


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