Easter Marketing: What Can Your Brand Do?

Easter Marketing. Is that even a thing? While an engaging and all-round marvelous marketing strategy is a must all-year round, there are specific events which require additional creativity – Easter being one of them. Many companies ramp up their efforts during this important holiday, so as chocolate lovers stock up on their favourite sweet treats and the Easter Bunny gets set to pull a night shift, let’s take a look at how you can promote your brand during the upcoming festivities.

Egg-cellent Content: Don’t Crack Under The Pressure

Easter marketing – hopefully, you’ve already hatched a plan – but if you haven’t, it’s not too late. There are many things you can still do to increase engagement and draw attention to your brand. So, don’t get in a scramble – try these egg-citing ideas instead (ok, ok we’ll stop now).

Last Minute Easter Giveaway

Everyone loves a freebie, right? So, why not put your efforts into an email campaign with an Easter-related giveaway to those who follow a particular call to action such as signing up to a company newsletter or filling out a questionnaire?

Hop on Social Media

Easter is the perfect time for a quiz on social media with Twitter being the ideal platform for real-time engagement. All you really need to do for this is write the questions, drum up interest with a few enthusiastic tweets and ensure everyone knows when the quiz will take place. Don’t forget to throw in a branded prize for the winner/s!

Embrace Live Video!

People love video. In fact, over half a billion people watch video content on Facebook every single day – so going live over Easter is a great option.

Not sure where to start? Well how about broadcasting an Easter office fancy dress party or some Easter-related games – think an egg and spoon race or pin the tail on the fluffy bunny? You could also encourage your followers to send in their own ‘Easter activity’ videos or snaps, again with a freebie incentive. If you happen to work in the confectionery industry, this is the ideal chance to dish out mouth-watering your sweet treats.

Be Creative and Diverse

When it comes to Easter marketing, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, adopt a multi-pronged marketing approach and be as diverse as possible. Once you have an idea, promote it via your social channels as well as on your website. Blog, send emails, create GIFs and do anything to create a buzz around your brand during the holiday period.

Top Social Media/Content Campaigns

Looking for last-minute Easter marketing inspiration? Then here are some top campaigns to help you out:

Hotel Chocolat’s Levitating Easter egg

Back in 2017, Hotel Chocolat marked Easter with a giant, levitating chocolate egg which weighed in at just under 20 kilograms – yes, 20 kilograms! That’s some serious sugar right there. The egg made an appearance at various tourist hot spots over the Easter period including Snowdonia National Park in Wales and Somerset’s Wookey Hole.

Not only did this generate UK-wide attention, but the company created social media interest by asking people to guess where the egg might appear next with winners receiving tasty Hotel Chocolat Easter treats. Twitter users could follow Beau Bunny’s magical levitating Easter egg tour using the hashtag #BeauBunny.

Takeaway 1: Think big. Segment your email send to appeal to people in various locations and tailor the wording appropriately to focus on regional stores/company events and such like.

Takeaway 2: Use social media to create excitement around your marketing campaign.

Takeaway 3: Embrace the Easter theme and put your own spin on it.

Takeaway 4: Don’t forget prizes and freebies. Everyone loves something for nothing.


Happy YEASTer – Marmite Launches Novelty Easter Egg

If your brand has very little to do with Easter – fear not! With a little creativity you can still jump on the marketing bandwagon and make this important event all about you.

Take a look at Unilever, the manufacturers of Marmite. Back in 2015 they teamed up with novelty chocolate maker Kinnerton to launch a somewhat controversial Marmite-flavoured Easter egg range. Utter madness? Maybe! But the campaign certainly did justice to the well-known strapline: “You either love it, or hate it.”

Takeaway 1: Don’t dismiss Easter as a marketing opportunity just because your product isn’t directly connected to popular Easter delights such as chocolate eggs – this could be the ideal chance to collaborate with another company and increase brand awareness as a result.

Takeaway 2: Catholic Easter is celebrated on 1 April 2018 – which just happens to be April Fools’ Day. It’s the perfect time for a little ‘fake news’ so long as you do it in good humour, so start thinking up those social media/PR pranks and get those #s trending.

Marketing is all about thinking outside of the box and being both different and edgy. Remember, a content marketing agency is for life and not just for Easter so if you need help with your content marketing and social strategies – contact the Contentworks team.


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