#AskCW – Charlotte Talks Social Media Engagement

Those of you following our Facebook page (if you’re not then why not?) will know that we have introduced #AskCW. This is a great opportunity for our followers to ask content and social media marketing questions and receive answers straight from our directors. In this week’s #AskCW, Contentworks Director Charlotte talks social media engagement over a coffee.

In case you missed it, here are the questions answered by Charlotte from our fans on Twitter, Facebook and G+.

Q. How can I connect with different sectors on Facebook without connecting to each page individually?

A. Facebook page manager doesn’t make it easy for brands to connect with other pages. Sure, you can go in and like every individual post but surely there’s a more effective way? This is where you need a good social media strategy which will revolve around the people you want to interact with. Let’s mention influencer marketing because 94% of marketers find this to be an effective technique. Why not create a monthly influencer roundup where you mention other pages? You can see a great example here. Otherwise you could just tag a few pages in your post or tweet – say good morning to them- tell them you love their work. It’s all good social karma.


Q. Why don’t we see a good Facebook engagement when we have thousands of fans?

A. In 2017, organic reach for Facebook Pages dropped from 16% to 6.5% and it doesn’t get better for big pages. In fact, pages with more than 500,000 Likes only get 2%. That means that if your page has 2000 likes – your organic reach is just 130 people. And that’s if your content is really awesome. By the way, your content needs to be really awesome! There are lots of things you can do to boost engagement. Combine great videos with images, fun posts and interactive competitions, quizzes and polls. You will probably need to boost a few key posts too to get more eyes on your page.


Q. How many fans should we have on our page?

A. There is no right answer to this but what I would say is – don’t be fooled by large fan counts because a lot of them are faked. The easiest way to tell if they are real is by looking at the engagement. A page that has 100,000 fans and no engagement is probably faking it. A few thousand genuine fans are much better than millions of fake one. This is a practice that both Twitter and Facebook are cracking down on right now because both platforms value real interactions and genuine engagement.


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