10 Finance Brands To Follow On Instagram

Instagram is huge. Fact. But you’re probably wondering if Instagram is quite right for a finance brand. After all, posting photos of mouth-watering food, gorgeous clothes, or breath-taking holiday destinations is simple, but financial services are not that easy to capture.

The fact that finance is probably not the first thing you link with Instagram is a good thing. It means the platform offers lots of room to get creative with marketing; allowing any finance brand to tap into the pool of 1 billion active monthly users. There’s plenty of opportunity to have fun with Insta. So, with this in mind, here are 10 brands you need to follow on Instagram right now.

#1 Ellevest

Appearance is everything on Instagram. One company that understands this is Ellevest. This investment company for women is posting a whole variety of relatable content that sets them apart as professional and thought-leading.

Content on the Ellevest feed includes profiles, money tips, and inspirational quotes.

Top Tip: Keep your profile style specific. This applies even if you are sharing numerous content types. Using too many colours and fonts will make your profile look chaotic and unprofessional.

#2 American Express

American Express (Amex) is an aspirational brand that makes you desire the finer things in life. Perhaps this is why Amex is making it big on Instagram.

Amex’s Instagram feed stands out thanks to its credit cards which feature in exquisite locations. The exotic destinations take centre stage and are fascinating to read about. Yet the credit card always makes an appearance. This brand sells without selling.

Top Tip: The key to success on Instagram is not being too salesy. People will connect with your brand if you share attractive content without overdoing the direct promotion of your services. Once you successfully create brand awareness, the sales will take care of themselves.

#3 SoFi

Brands understand that business is no longer about just providing services. Any good brand is anchored on creating value.

SoFi is a financial services company that creates value by changing lives. Whether it’s helping a couple afford another round of IVF or helping a student clear their loan, SoFi is all about the people.

Additionally, SoFi’s #WhyISoFi stories are just outstanding. These intimate stories on how SoFi is changing lives, tug at the heart and are probably a leading contributor to the growth of the brand.

Top Tip: Share real success stories to tap into the emotional side of humans while still showing how your products or services add value.

#4 Chase

JP Morgan’s Chase Bank has embraced Instagram and this is paying off well. Chase is growing because it has tailored its content around some of the most visually engaging aspects of our lives – food, fashion and travel.

Chase’s social media profile is balanced. The feed is fun yet informational. Content is kept fresh and relevant and it includes celebrity partnerships, social justice matters, recipes and financial advice videos.

Top Tip: Your brand doesn’t have to focus solely on the financial services you offer. You increase your chances of getting higher engagement by creating content that links with your audience’s integral components of life.

#5 Chime

Chime, a no-fee banking service, is proving that finance is fun. What people love most about Chime are the funny memes that get some good engagement.

These memes have set Chime apart from other financial brands. Besides the memes, Chime also has other various content types including user stories, financial tips, and inspirational quotes.

Top Tip: Stay true to your brand’s personality on Instagram. Being consistent will get you loyal customers who are captivated by your style.

#6 Citi

Citi survived and bounced back from the economic downturn of 2008. Citi’s success is attributed, in part, to its social media skills, including on Instagram.

Citi’s Instagram feed is refreshing. It successfully merges corporate social responsibility (CSR) with great financial services. People love ethical brands with good CSR and this is probably why Citi’s following is growing exponentially.

Top Tip: Show your audience that you are not just about selling products but you are also highly invested in giving back.

#7 Revolut

This disruptor bank charges no fees on international ATM withdrawals and money transfers and much of its content emphasises this – the ability to go beyond borders. Revolut is making waves on Instagram through user-generated content.

Revolut’s Instagram feed is mainly Revolut user’s travel photos from all over the globe. The images get high engagement because they show the lifestyle a person can aspire to with Revolut.

Top Tip: Incorporate real-life experiences and feelings into your Instagram feed to get better engagement from your audience.

#8 Monzo

Monzo is another disruptor bank showing that even finance brands can rock Instagram. Monzo focuses on its consumers; teaching them how to save and allowing them to ask questions. The #DearMonzo series is one of the ways in which people can ask their financial questions ad get prompt support.

Top Tip: Increase brand loyalty by improving your audience’s lives and allowing them to ask questions frequently.

#9 Bank Australia

Bank Australia shows that you can do big things even if your following is still relatively small. This bank has some big engagement, and the trick is that it is leveraging social sentiment.

Bank Australia’s brand promise is ‘responsible banking’. This promise fits in well with current sustainability issues and the bank’s core pillars which include people and the planet.

Top Tip: Align your brand’s content with something that people are highly interested and have a genuine concern for.

#10 Credit Sesame

This brand is growing by proving ‘daily financial fitness doses’ that people just love. Credit Sesame, a company which gives free credit scores and monitoring, is totally owning Instagram.

Credit Sesame’s feed is a mix of content including credit tips, definition of terms and user’s success stories. Through all the different types of content, you can still see the brand’s voice and exceptional hashtag #CreditSuccess that both promote taking control of your credit.

Top tips: You can use a wide range of content types as long as they fit into your overall brand message and keep consumers engaged.

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