5 Finance Video Influencers You’ll Want To Watch

Finance Video Influencers

With video set to account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2021, businesses are ramping up their efforts with finance video influencers gaining in popularity. Thanks to influencers offering financial tips, information and statistics in real-time, the industry is undergoing yet another marketing evolution. So, with this in mind, here are 5 video influencers you’ll want to watch:

#1 Jeff Rose: Hack Your Wealth

Financial Influencers - Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose commands a video star status on YouTube as a reputable finance video influencer.  A certified financial planner, Rose has made a name for himself for covering all things finance. He operates a YouTube channel, ‘Hack Your Wealth’ where he shares information touching on exciting topics such as how to make extra income on the side.

Rose’s YouTube channel commands a subscription base of more than 59,000 people with 199 videos and more than 3.6 million total views to date.

His ’11 Passive Income Ideas’ video has already racked up more than 740,000 views. His other most-watched videos include ‘How To Invest $1,000 and Grow It To $1 Million’ and ‘How To Build 7 Multiple Streams of Income’.

#2 Side Hustle Doctor: Gee Nonterah

Financial Influencers - Gee Nonterah

In an era where the cost of living is always on the rise, no one does a better job than Gene Nonterah in providing advice on how to create multiple streams of income. Finding ways to make extra money is, after all, becoming the norm as eight to five jobs are no longer sufficient in helping cater for all of life’s needs.

The Side Hustle Doctor has uploaded more than 50 videos providing well-articulated ideas on how to go about side hustles. Some of his most watched videos include ‘How To Create a Digital Product’ as well as uploads detailing the skills you need as a social media manager.

#3 Robert Farrington: The College Investor

Financial Influencers - Robert Farrington

Struggling with student debt? Well, worry no more as The College Investor Robert Farringdon has got you covered with some of the best ideas on how to pay off student loans hassle-free.  In addition to sharing insights on how to pay student’s loans, Farrington also shares insights on how to start investing for the future.

Some of his most viewed videos on the YouTube Channel include ‘How To Avoid Student Loan Scams’. He also shares insights on some of the best private student loans as well as the best places to refinance student loans.

#4 The Wild Wong

Financial Influencers - The Wild Wong

No one uniquely uses humour while articulating sensitive yet severe topics in finance better than The Wild Wong.  Fun to watch is what perfectly describes Wong’s YouTube channel that shares useful insights touching on financial issues. Struggling to understand essential terms in the finance sector? Then this is a YouTube channel worth visiting.

Wong has produced a string of finance videos targeting both college students and young adults.  All videos posted are short, clear, concise and straight to the point. Wong has built a name for herself when it comes to sharing money management information in a lighthearted way.

For millennials, a must watch video on the channel has to be ‘5 things I Would Tell Myself About Money In My 20’s as well as ‘How To Talk Money in Your Relationship’.  ‘Why We Are Afraid of Money’ is another must watch on the channel.

#5 Nick True: Mapped Out Money

Financial Influencers - Nick True

Nick True is an emerging finance video influencer given the insights he continues to share on how to beat debt. With the average household in the U.S struggling with more than, $50,000 in debt, then this is a must visit channel.

Debt can ruin your life to the brink of collapse if you don’t know what to do when it comes to debt management. Nick True with His Mapped out Money YouTube channel is sure to provide all the insights on beating debt in a very conversational way.

Some of the topics covered by the finance video influencer include how to pay off credit cards as well as how to set up a budget.  Videos worth checking out include ‘6 Most Popular Ways to Budget Your Money’, as well as ‘How to Budget + Save Money’.

Learning tactics, for a healthy financial life does not have to be boring. Watching videos from some of the top finance video marketing influencers is a sure way of coming up with ways to implement important money management tips into your life.

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