Why September is Critical for Crypto Marketing

Blockchain technology is evolving at a rapid rate. It’s extremely exciting with each month giving way to innovative new ideas and concepts. In September, the crypto and blockchain world will see a spurt of events and developments that will have far reached effects across the industry and the world. From extravagant blockchain events to breaking ICO news, September is critical for crypto marketing and blockchain content– so let’s find out more.

Blockchain Summits & Crypto Marketing Events in September

The much-anticipated World Blockchain Forum 2018 is coming to London.  That’s 3-5 September, at the beautiful premises of Old Billingsgate. The event, responsible for the launch of projects like Ethereum, DASH and RSK in the past, has kept the theme for 2018 as ICOs and Security Tokens. These are two much talked about topics in the industry, due to their share of regulatory challenges. In attendance will be over 1,500 ICO and crypto brands, and more than 100 notable speakers addressing various issues plaguing the industry. Vanessa Grellet (Executive Director of ConsenSys), Marjan Delatinne (Global head of Banking at Ripple) and David Chaum (Inventor of Digital Cash), are some of the names in the star-studded lineup.

Token Fest, an exclusive networking conference, will be a two-day event at the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, held from 13-14 September 2018. About 2,500 business owners, start-up founders and entrepreneurs from around the world are expected to attend the event, where they will gain helpful information on and insights into the workings of token-based economies.

These are just two crypto marketing events in a long list scheduled for September, where professionals, decision-makers and investors will forge new connections and work towards developing solutions for hard pressing matters across the world.

Crypto Marketing Landmarks

Crypto marketing often hinges on the regulations that exist in each region. The US SEC has postponed the review of five Bitcoin ETFs proposed by investment firm Direxion Asset Management until 21 September 2018. The regulatory body has cited that it needs more time to study the proposal before it reaches a final decision. The NYSE had initially submitted this proposal in January 2018, indicating an opportunity for investors to obtain daily short, leveraged long or leveraged short exposure to the Bitcoin futures market. Incidentally, this is one of the many proposals awaiting the approval of the regulatory body. There is a strong positive market sentiment right now, with the ETF’s potential approval expected to contribute to a surge in Bitcoin’s price.

In a historic decision, the former Soviet country, Uzbekistan, has decided to regulate Bitcoin from September 2018. The government is working on a document that will outline regulations for cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. Just last year, the neighbouring country of Kazakhstan had expressed its desire to adopt Singapore’s crypto-friendly regulatory framework.

These developments are signaling greater mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Blockchain might finally overcome the boundaries of the European continent to find takers in other parts of the world as well.

Launch of a Legally Compliant Crypto Exchange

Blocktrade.com, a new cryptocurrency exchange, is on the horizon, which will adhere to Europe’s recently implemented MiFID II framework. The exchange will be fully rolled out in September and plans to include crypto-traded indices, security tokens and tokenised assets, along with coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XRP. Industry experts have welcomed the idea, citing the fact that only regulated exchanges can control volatility and speculative valuation of cryptocurrencies.

Given these positive signals, Bitcoin itself has made a tremendous recovery, soaring high at $7,000, with gains of over 15% in July. It seems that the authorities are finally taking the digital asset space seriously. Even Goldman Sachs is planning to launch a digital currency tied to the US dollar by the end of this year. This will enhance the competition levels in the market, leading to future stability.

Upcoming ICOs

And crypto marketing in September will be focused on upcoming ICOs. An aspect that has been in the limelight is the implementation of blockchain in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. The highly controversial ParagonCoin, which launched its ICO in 2017, will finally come out of its own legal hassles to open a co-working space in Los Angeles on 1 September 2018. The coin will aim to digitise and expedite the marijuana supply chain. So, after the world’s first weed-based ETF launched in the markets last year, a new cryptocurrency will now function in the space to help related businesses.

Experts suggest that there will be a frenzy of security token launches in the latter part of 2018. STOs, as they will be called, will be a kind of IPO in the making, and they might actually surpass ICOs. On 1 September 2018, the Mobu token will start its pre-ICO stage for 15 days. Mobu is a decentralised platform for ICOs to launch legally compliant security tokens.

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