Contentworks Launches Blockchain Marketing eBook

You love them, we love them, so we made another one. That’s right, Contentworks launches its Blockchain Marketing eBook this month and we’re excited.

Launching Your Blockchain Rocket – The Essential Content Guide is Contentworks’ fourth e-book and, like the others before it, provides a host of statistics as well as useful tips and takeaways.

The easy-to-download e-book gives a detailed projection about the future of blockchain and why industries across the globe are keen to embrace it.

It then delves into the details of launching a blockchain project with the help of a carefully thought out and well-managed content strategy. The guide is for blockchain pioneers looking to launch a blockchain product. Especially those wondering how content marketing fits into the blockchain space.

Contentworks and the Blockchain Marketing Sector

Our team at Contentworks is well placed to write such an educational ebook. Our international content marketing agency based in Limassol Cyprus, has to date enjoyed many successful blockchain collaborations with companies determined to make their mark within this emerging sector.

Over the past six months, we have become a ‘go to’ for ICOs and blockchains looking for catchy video scripts and high-quality content marketing.  Trusted by mega brands such as NEC and Tradeio, our extensive understanding of the blockchain, crypto and ICO sectors and respect for blockchain regulations helps us stand out from the crowd. Contentworks helps companies to perfect their blockchain marketing at a time when promoting products of this kind requires great focus and dedication.



The Evolution of Blockchain and the Need for Creativity

As blockchain catapults into the mainstream, more and more companies worldwide want to be involved in the action. And that means an increasing number of blockchain start-ups. Therefore, to be different and make noise in a competitive blockchain space, it’s important to get your marketing efforts right from the start.

Creative Director, Charlotte Day, said: “Blockchain technology is innovative, creative and extremely exciting. It is based on unique and revolutionary concepts and therefore marketing materials cannot be mundane and boring. High-quality, original and authentic content is a great way to showcase your blockchain product in a positive light.”

If you’re looking to launch a blockchain product, download the brand-new e-book today. Need help implementing these ideas? Then contact the Contentworks team to learn more about our range of content marketing packages tailored to the blockchain sector.