5 Things You Need To Do At Decentralized


Blockchain innovations have been stealing the headlines, with the technology revolutionising not only the financial sector but many different industries across the globe. As a results, blockchain events are cropping up regularly with the scheduled Decentralized event – in collaboration with the University of Nicosia – dubbed to be one of the most exciting summits in Europe this year.

Decentralized will take place in Athens, Greece, from November 14 to 16, 2018 and is set to welcome over 1,200+ attendees and 47 speakers from across 50 countries. Contentworks is among the list of media sponsors, so as the days roll by, here are 5 things you need to do at Decentralized.

#1 Meet The Speakers

The very purpose of Decentralized is to learn to things that will drive the industry forward – which is why the summit will feature talks by some of the most knowledgeable influencers from the crypto/blockchain space. Decentralized 2018 speakers are set to cover a wide range of topics, so don’t miss valuable insights from influencers like:

  • Garrick Hileman – Well-known for his research on monetary and distributed systems innovation and ranked among the 100 most influential economists in the UK and Ireland.
  • Eva Kaili – Actively involved in blockchain tech developments. Head of the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment body (STOA).
  • Spiros Margaris – Fintech expert, top influencer and venture capitalist.
  • Tey Al-Rjula – Co-Founder and CEO of blockchain project, Tykn.
  • Angeliki Dedopoulou – A digital expert on European skills and employment policy.
  • Antonis Polemitis – CEO of leading blockchain hub- University of Nicosia (UNIC).

Many talented and knowledgeable blockchain leaders will take to the stage so before the event do your best to research who is talking and engage with them on social media to build a rapport. Learn from them and discover how you can collaborate together – without trying to brazenly sell them something.

#2 Take Some Time Out

When in Athens, why not take the time to explore this beautiful and fascinating part of the world? There’s plenty to see and do in this famous Greek city from exploring the ruins of the Acropolis to hopping on a City Sightseeing bus tour. The Parthenon is a sight to behold and then there’s the National Archaeological Museum which is home to everything from Ancient Greek jewellery to sculptures and pottery. While Decentralized will undoubtedly keep you entertained, perhaps think about extending your trip so you don’t miss out on these remarkable attractions.

#3 Chat to the Decentralized Crew

When you’re not strolling around century-old temples, make the effort to talk to the Decentralized crew about a whole range of topics including the extensive and pioneering work being carried out by summit organisers – The University of Nicosia. The university has one of the biggest teams in the world focused on blockchain and digital currency issues with influential people such as marketing guru, Milton George, and Institutional Partnerships Manager, Nick Assimenos, aiming to driving blockchain initiatives in what is a significant and bold move that is sure to make waves across the Mediterranean.

#4 Meet the Sponsors

Decentralized is all about networking and forming professional relationships that could potentially drive change within the blockchain world. With this in mind, circulate widely and aim to meet the sponsors. Contentworks is a leading content marketing industry specialising in content for the blockchain/crypto and finance space and we are one of this year’s sponsors. We would be happy to answer questions about blockchain content marketing which is taking a prominent role in today’s blockchain-centric landscape. Decentralized also provides great opportunities to strike up agreements, talk specifics over coffee and generally grow your professional contacts.

#5 Absorb the info

Sometime we are so busy live-tweeting, recording videos and blogging (yes we’re guilty!) that we don’t absorb as much information as we should. With this in mind, step away from any kind of work-related jobs for a while and take in the atmosphere. Listen carefully to what the speakers have to say and pay attention during one-on-one conversations so you can make a valuable contribution.

Worried about feeling out of your depth? Then perhaps do your research before attending so you know exactly where the blockchain industry is at this current time. And hey, we’re a friendly bunch so just reach out!

Decentralized 2018 is an incredible opportunity to learn more about a sector that’s growing fast and infiltrating a host of leading industries. To find out more about the marketing side of blockchain or to talk content creation and social media management for the finance/tech space, arrange a meeting in advance with the Contentworks team.