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When it comes to improving your content marketing and social media strategy it can be difficult to know where to start – but we’re here to help. Claim your FREE content audit from Contentworks today and we’ll give you recommendations on how to revamp your content marketing and social media channels.

It’s easy. Simply answer a few basic questions and one of secret agents will be in touch with you in no time. Okay, so we’re not James Bond but we do like our coffee shaken not stirred. Receiving a professional opinion about your online marketing efforts is not only reassuring but it can also take your business to new heights. It could also get you out of a rut, give you new ideas and encourage you to drive your company forward in all the right ways – so what you waiting for?

Our FREE content marketing audit will reveal what you’re doing well and what you can do better. Sometimes, it’s really helpful to get an ‘outsiders’ opinion and we’ll offer some useful tips on how to:

Boost your social media engagement

Want more eyes on your brand? Then let’s take a peek at your existing social media marketing strategies. Run of the mill marketing efforts simply won’t do within a competitive digital space and we’ll help you be a little different – if you want.

From social media posts to blog updates and email sends, we’ll delve into your online world and ensure you’re interacting with consumers in the very best way possible. If you are, then great! If you’re not, we’ll be by your side with a host of business-boosting recommendations.

Increase your click through rates

Are your CTAs (call to actions) up to scratch? Are you linking to the right places? What can you say to increase click through rates and kick-start a marketing strategy? Don’t worry, we’ve got this! It’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can see and if you set and monitor your KPIs we can help to ensure your performance is always on point.

Improve web traffic

Are you skilled at writing for the web or is there room for improvement? Let’s find out! We’re fully clued up on SEO tactics and have all the latest web marketing strategies up our sleeve. We’ll take a good look at your site and give our honest feedback. But don’t worry. We’ll also tell you what you’re doing well and appreciate the fact that with so much going on in the business world it’s not always easy to get things right first time. That’s why we’re here.

Remain compliant

Compliance and the finance sector go hand in hand, so whether you’re a forex broker or a fintech brand we’ll help ensure the regulators won’t hunt you down. With the latest crypto/ICO ad bans putting a strain on content marketing efforts, and pending updates to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) putting the spotlight directly on compliant business practices, obeying the law is as important as ever.

Interested in a FREE content audit from Contentworks? Then contact us today. We’ve provided over 500 content marketing audits for many different companies and work with leading financial services brands to help them meet their full potential.

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