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Did you know that 76% of people said that they ‘lack trust towards using their banking services online’ even though 81% maintain that ‘trust is the most important factor in their purchasing journey’? Or that 53% of internet users don’t trust that the adverts on search engines are placed by legitimate financial services companies according to Aviva? This shows how sceptical digital consumers can be and how important it is to form a strong B2C bond.

As a leading content marketing agency, we know that the content you create can have a direct impact on business, particularly in the finance sector where that trust gap needs to be bridged. So let’s check out the brands doing a great job getting consumers onside. And don’t miss a sneak peak of our all-new Building Trust with Content – The Financial Services Marketing Guide e-Book. Our free eBook is available to download today.

Building Trust? Got That Nailed

One of the best routes to success as a financial services company is to understand the pain points of clients. What is stopping people from taking that all-important next step and improving your ROI? Is there anything you can do to strength relationships? For instance, did you know that 75% of consumers have abandoned transaction when brands required an app install to do business with them? Reasons for this include issues around privacy, particularly in a younger audience who know transactions can also be done over the web too. Knowing such facts can help you adapt to how you do business or enable you to explain services better.

Similarly, 88% of adults don’t feel confident in their own financial literacy and are often on the hunt for education. That’s huge! So as content marketers, it’s really important to take consumers on a journey to ensure they fully understand your products and services as this will help to build trust and will undoubtedly establish your authority in the sector.

Many financial services companies are already implementing trust-building marketing strategies. So let’s check out a few examples.

TD Ameritrade

Online broker TD Ameritrade has been zoning in on financial education for some time now. They’ve created an entire education portal complete with articles, videos, webcasts, podcasts and in-person event information to make consumers feel right at home and to showcase their knowledge. One thing that’s particularly cool about TD Ameritrade’s trust-building strategy is that they also have their very own TD Ameritrade Network which offers live streaming, video on demand and more for all your investment queries. By providing insights that directly apply to the portfolio of consumers, a strong connection can be developed.

TD Ameritrade also has a strong social network strategy which takes into account recent statistics and digital marketing trends. For instance, did you know that ratings and reviews now usurp price, free shipping, brand and friend ad family recommendations in influencing online purchase decisions?

That’s why it’s so important to share feedback and reviews whenever possible. And the process doesn’t have to be hard. Check out how TD Ameritrade shared Investopedia’s Twitter post about their brand making the list of Best Online Brokers Awards for 2022. It’s a simple marketing action, but one that improves brand authenticity.

eToro US

eToro is also working hard to build trust with consumers by creating explainer videos featuring eToro market analysts. By featuring CEOs, staff members and key people from within your organisation, you’re taking accountability for your content and putting a face to your brand. Videos don’t have to be long. But they should include the name of who is featured and the role of that person in your organisation for bond-building purposes. It’s also good to pop in a link to their own social channels or blog so that consumers can find out more about who is providing the information.

Other ways to create a more personable marketing approach that builds trust include podcasts, interviews, live Q&A sessions and free workshops, the latter being something eToro has been promoting via their social channels.

Building Trust With Content e-Book

As you can see, going that extra mile in the finance sector requires a strong trust-building strategy. By listening to consumer feedback and analysing the current landscape, you can create content that answers questions and draws people closer to your brand.

The good news is, we’ve created an e-book to help you do just that. Building Trust With Content – The Financial Services Marketing Guide lays out the importance of trust and the challenges you might face. Find out how lockdowns unearthed even more challenges and discover ways of creating innovative trust-building solutions. We’ve delved deep to provide innovative marketing techniques that’ll help strengthen those all-important consumer bonds.

eBook extract – Building Trust With Content – The Financial Services Marketing Guide

Download our brand-new e-book for FREE today and discover actionable tips for your finance brand. And don’t worry, we fully understand the importance of compliance so absolute everything we suggest is completely above board and in-line with finance marketing best practices. Ready to start building trust with your content marketing? Talk to our team to get started.

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