5 Trump Tweets That Moved The Market

Trump Tweets

Article published at FinanceFeeds.

Charlotte Day of Contentworks takes a close look at how Donald Trump’s tweets and the effect on the market are correlated.

Since Twitter’s inception, world leaders have taken to the social platform to push agendas and manoeuver their political ideas. Twitter is frequently used by politicians to address the electorate in order to keep them up-to-date on party stances, achievements and sometimes to fling mud at the opposition party. For the most part, these political leaders use the platform in a wise fashion.

Political figureheads using Twitter include:

  • Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister of Israel
  • Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany
  • Vladimir Putin – President of the Russian Federation
  • Dmitry Medvedev – Prime Minister of Russia
  • Nicolás Maduro – President of Venezuela

Then Donald J. Trump threw his hat into the arena. And everything changed.