20 Finance Influencers to Follow this Year

If you love finance and Twitter as much as we do then you’re going to love our list of 20 finance influencers to follow this year. Twitter is jam packed with finance hashtags and attracts forex and stocks traders, investors, hedge fund managers and bankers. Everyone wants to know the latest market movement and hear breaking news before the mainstream sites report it.  Then of course, there’s the influencer opinions from the sector featuring investors, entrepreneurs, media professionals, traders, and economists.

The Contentworks top 20 finance influencers


Lloyd Blankfein | @lloydblankfein

Lloyd is the CEO of Goldman Sachs which is one of the largest investment banks in the world with more than $870 billion. According to Dealogic, Goldman is the largest advisor for IPOs and M&A in the world. Therefore, if you are interested in Fintech, technology, and finance, you should follow the highly opinionated Blankfein. He has more than 80K followers and although he only tweets once in a while, it’s worth the wait!

Vitalik Buterin | @VitalikButerin

Vitalik is the 23-year old founder of Ethereum, which is the second largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $129 billion which definitely puts him on our top finance influencers list. Vitalik has more than 551K followers.

Jim Cramer | @jimcramer

If you are interested in stocks and economics, then you should follow Jim Cramer. Jim is a former investment manager who founded public company The Street. Jim hosts a CNBC TV show called Mad Money, which is well followed. Cramer is known for his opinions on companies and economics.

Mohammed El-Erian | @elerianm

Mohammed El Erian is the senior economist at Germany’s financial firm, Allianz. He is also a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist and author of two best-selling books. Before that, he was the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of PIMCO. Add him to your finance influencers list right now!

Nouriel Roubini | @Nouriel

Nouriel Roubini is an influential and highly-respected professional in economics and finance. He is a Finance professor at New York University and the founder of Roubini Economics and regularly appears on financial television.

Lydia Idem Finkley @faithmight

Lydia Idem Finkley is a forex commentator who focuses mostly on currencies and silver. Lydia has an impressive track record, and may be seen giving timely updates on the fundamental forces at place in the markets. She’s also very technically proficient and thus isn’t afraid to show off her charting techniques.

Stephanie Link @Stephanie_Link

For anyone who is passionate about the financial markets, Stephanie Link is a top source for the latest news and analysis. Stephanie is a great financial commentator who covers everything from stocks to economic data.

Carl Icahn | @Carl_C_Icahn

Carl is one of the most feared activist investors in the world so he definitely makes our top 20 finance influencers list. Through his company, Icahn Enterprises, Carl has invested in companies like Apple and Herbalife. In his Twitter feed, you will get first-hand information about his latest investments.

Jeffrey Gundlach | @TruthGundlach

Gundlach is the founder of Double Line Capital, a hedge fund with more than $143 billion in assets. In finance circles, Gundlach is known for his accurate predictions on stocks and bonds. Every year, he hosts Just Markets, a leading financial webcast that we recommend for anyone interested in finance.

Ray Dalio | @RayDalio

Ray Dalio is the founder of BridgeWater Associates which is the world’s largest hedge fund with more than $150 billion. He is also the author of a new best-selling book called Principles, which he shares his, work life and work principles. A worthy addition on the top 20 finance influencers list.

Kevin O’Leary | @kevinolearytv

Kevin is a Canadian entrepreneur and Reality TV star. He is the founder of an investment company called O’Shares, which deals with ETFs. Apart from being a star in reality TV show, Shark Tank, Kevin makes regular appearances on CNBC. He has over 685K followers on Twitter.

Tom Keene |@tomkeene

Tom Keene is a veteran financial journalist. He currently hosts a show called Surveillance at Bloomberg. In the show, he interviews the top financial and economic figures from around the world. Our forex analysis team regularly listens to Tom so he absolutely has to make our list of top 20 finance influencers!

Robert Shiller | @RobertJShiller

Robert Shiller is a Nobel Winning economist and a senior Professor at Yale University. Apart from his Nobel, Shiller his known for his bearish views of the markets. He is also known for his top-selling book, Irrational Exuberance.

Larry Summers | @LHSummers

Larry is an accomplished person in finance who served as the Treasury Secretary for President Clinton and the head of National Economic Council for President Obama. He is a well-known figure who is another major critic of President Trump. He has more than 107K Twitter followers.

Joseph Stiglitz | @JosephEStiglitz

Joseph is another famed economist and finance professional currently a professor at Columbia University. He is a Nobel Laureate and one of the most opinionated person in finance. He contributes in several newspapers including New York Times and Washington Post.

Paul Krugman | @paulkrugman

Paul Krugman is an Economist and Nobel Laureate. He is a professor and New York Times contributor. In addition, he has authored several best-selling books like The Return of Depression Economics and The Great Unravelling. He has more than 4.1 million Twitter followers.

Christine Lagarde | @Lagarde

Christine Lagarde is the managing director of International Monetary Fund (IMF). She is a regular Twitter user with her posts mainly dealing with global economics. She is active on Twitter where she has more than 400K followers. Christine is a must add to our top 20 of finance influencers.

Clifford Asness | @CliffordAsness

Clifford is an investor and founder of AQR Capital Management, which is the largest quantitative capital management firm with more than $200 billion. Clifford is not widely known even in the financial circles but his tweets speak volumes. He has more than 20K followers.

Mario Gabelli | @MarioGabelli

Mario Gabelli is the founder of investment firm, GAMCO which manages more than $40 billion in assets. Gabelli appears regularly in financial media and has some exciting opinions.

John and Patrick Collison | @collision and @patrickc

John and Paul Collison are brothers who founded one of the highest valued startups called Stripe. Their company helps online companies accept cash. It is currently valued at almost $10 billion.

Other notable mentions are Francine Laqua (@flacqua) who is a senior anchor at Bloomberg, Jonathan Ferro (@FerroTV) and Mark Barton (@markbartontv), and Melissa Lee (@MelissaLeeCNBC).

Do you agree with our list of top 20 finance influencers to follow this year? Tweet us and let us know your thoughts.

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