Make Your Content Work

Interview with Charlotte Day from Contentworks published at Gamechangers Magazine

You have an enviable CV working for some big names such as easyMarkets and FXTM, how did the path begin for you 10 years ago?

Thank you, well this is a good story! I’ve always been passionate about writing and was beginning to pursue my career as a guest writer for a number of high profile online spots such as AgoraPulse and Hubstaff. I also established my online blog www.charlisays.com where I provide content and social media marketing insights. When it was suggested that I would be a great candidate for FX marketing I was pretty horrified. I was never interested in the financial markets and envisaged it all being pretty dull (which it can be). However, starting out as a freelance writer can be tough financially and you know, forex salaries are acceptable so I began as a writer progressing to Head of Global Social Media at FXTM and Head of Content Marketing at easy-forex, now easyMarkets. I discovered that the industry doesn’t need to be dull at all, it just takes the right people with the right marketing skills to turn it into something exciting. In fact, coming from a non-finance, content marketing background enabled me to introduce a human element to forex content management. I now have a good knowledge of forex but have managed to stay sane and retain my creative spirit so I’m in a great place!