20 Blockchain Influencers to Follow This Year

What do you do when you want to learn something? You read a book, watch a documentary or attend a course. Better still, you can use Twitter and follow top influencers and decision makers in the industry you want to learn about. We have compiled a list of the top 20 blockchain influencers you need to follow this year. These are people who have a huge following, diverse opinions, and who tweet often.  Also, there are some pretty cool Blockchain influencers out there so these guys and girls are fun to follow.

So, here we go with the Contentworks Agency top 20 Blockchain influencers to follow this year:

Vitalik Buterin | @VitalikButerin

A few years ago, a 19 year old started a new blockchain protocol called ethereum. Today, ethereum has become the second largest cryptocurrency in the world with a market value of more than $129 billion. Vitalik is active on social media where he shares opinion, retweets ideas, and clarifies issues.

Max Keiser | @maxkeiser

Max Keser is an American broadcaster who hosts a program called the Keiser Report in Russian owned RT. He is an influential figure who focuses mostly on finance and cryptocurrencies. He has more than 209K followers.

Francis Pouliot |@francispouliot_

Francis is the founder of a company called Catallaxy, a company that offers blockchain based research. He is also the founder of Satsohi Portal, another blockchain-based company. He is also the founder of Bylls, a Canadian bitcoin exchange. He is an influential person with more than 20K followers.

Vinny Lingham |@VinnyLingham

Vinny Lingham is the CEO of a security company called Civic Key which streamlines identification using the blockchain technology. He is also a partner at Multicoin Cap, a fund that invests on bitcoin technology. He has more than 113K followers.

Mike Dudas | @mdudas

Mike is an established entrepreneur and founder of a company called Button, a mobile computing company. He has also worked for companies like Braintree which is owned by Paypal, and Google. Mike regularly tweets about technology and blockchain technology to his 16K followers.

Charlie Lee | @SatoshiLite

Charlie Lee is the founder of Litecoin, a major cryptocurrency. He is famous for selling all his litecoin ‘coins’. Today, he uses Twitter to update his followers on current events and his thoughts on cryptocurrencies. He has over 606K followers.

John McAfee | @officialmcafee

John McAfee is a technology pioneer who founded the successful security company called McAfee. Intel bought McAfee and later sold it to Private Equity firm TPG for $4.2 billion. Now, John has become an influential figure in blockchain. He regularly tweets to his 767K followers.

Roger Ver | @rogerkver

Roger Ver is an internationally-renowned venture capitalist who was among the first people to spot the potential in cryptocurrencies. He then invested in bitcoin and bitcoin related companies like bitcoin.com and blockchain.com. He has 411K followers.

Erik Voorhees | @ErikVoorhees

Eric is the founder of Shapeshift, a platform that makes it easy to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. To date, his company has raised more than $12 million. He has more than 218K followers.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos | @aantonop

Andreas is a computer scientist and hacker who authored a book called Mastering Bitcoin & The Internet of Money. The book became a best seller. He is a regular contributor on blockchain on several platforms. He has more than 333K followers.

Tuur Demeester | @TuurDemeester

Tuur is an economist and founder of a research firm called Adamant Research. The company publishes research which are mostly related to bitcoin. He is a regular guest speaker at bitcoin conferences. He has more than 127K followers.

James Lopp | @lopp

James is a programmer at a company called Bitgo that makes cryptocurrencies useful to businesses. He is also a blogger at Satoshi.info. He has more than 115K followers. He blogs mostly about cryptocurrencies and interesting life issues.

Elizabeth Stark | @starkness

Elizabeth is an entrepreneur and programmer. She is the founder of Lighting Labs, a company that is developing the blockchain technology and smart contracts to make them accessible to people from around the world. She is also a fellow at Coin Center. She has taught at Stanford and Yale Universities.

Meltem Demirors | @Melt_Dem

Meltem is a lecturer at MIT and an advisor at the World Economic Forum. She is also a senior technologist at the Digital Currency Group. She uses her Twitter account to share her knowledge on the future of blockchain. She is also a regular at most blockchain events.

Laura Shin | @laurashin

Laura is a journalist who writes for Forbes after joining them more than 5 years ago. She now specializes on researching and writing about blockchain. A few months ago, she wrote about the intricacies of what she called the craziest bubble ever. She has 63.2K followers.

Chris Burniske | @cburniske

Chris is an influential figure in the blockchain industry. He was a key leader in ArkInvest’s blockchain’s efforts. Ark Invest was the first investment advisor to invest in blockchain. He is also the author of an influential book called Cryptoassets, which talks about the blockchain technology. He is a regular Twitter user with 76.5K followers.

Spencer Bogart| @CremeDeLaCrypto

Spencer is a pioneer blockchain investor through his firm Blockchain Capital. His firm was an early backer of bitcoin-related companies like Authy, ChangeTip, and BEX. He was also a pioneer blockchain analyst at Needham, a leading financial institution.

Willy Woo | @woonomic

Willy Woo is a blockchain analyst at Curiosity, a leading platform for science-based research. What makes Willy extremely fun to follow is his approach to research. He spends his time creating interesting charts on cryptocurrencies that you won’t find anywhere else. He has 44.5 followers.

Brian Armstrong | @brian_armstrong

Brian is the founder of CoinBase, which is the biggest bitcoin wallet, and exchange that has raised more than $265 million. The company is now valued at more than $2 billion. Brian is an extremely resourceful person who is active on Twitter where he shares his perspectives on blockchain and other issues.

Barry Silbert | @barrysilbert

Barry is the founder of Digital Currency Group which is a large investor in blockchain technology. It has invested in more than 100 companies including CoinBase, BitGo, BitPesa, and Coindesk. He makes regular appearances in the media and has more than 161K followers.

Apart from these blockchain influencers, you should also consider following companies that specialize in the blockchain technology. Some of these companies are Coinbase (@coinbase), Coindesk (@coindesk), CEX (@CEX_IO), Digital Currencies Group (@DCGco), and Blockchain (@blockchain) among others.

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