20 Best Brexit Tweets

Brexit Tweets

Social media sites like Twitter have played host to many #Brexit or #BrexitShambles debates over the past year. And as the time ticks on, the tweets and memes have become more than a little amusing. Here’s a rundown of the 20 best Brexit tweets compiled by our team.

What’s Up With Brexit?

As Parliament tries to grab control of Brexit from a wounded Theresa May, it seems that leaving the EU has become more difficult than placing a coffee order at Starbucks. Intriguing, mysterious and with an abundance of plot twists, you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘Brexit’ was some kind of Shakespearean throwback. Leave? Remain? go crazy with all the different plans? As a marketing agency specialising in financial services we’ve been at the centre of the #Brexit storm. Here’s our rundown:

#1 @RupertMyers  

Best Brexit Tweets - Rupert Myers  

Rupert Myers’ interpretation of the ‘UK Brexiting’ perfectly portrays the drama that’s unfolded over recent months. His shared post showing a man trying to unsuccessfully cross the road causing havoc in the process was liked 176,000 times and received 62,000 re-tweets.

#2 @DY2_mel

Best Brexit Tweets - Queen Asthma

Rice is a quick-fix solution for many common issues – such as dropping your phone in the toilet. So, maybe this tweet isn’t so far off the mark considering the UK appears to need some assistance.

#3 @aliceisms

This pretty much hits the nail on the head. Brexit’s super ‘hot’, but not in a good way!

Best Brexit Tweets - Alice McMahon

#4 @aliceisms

Alice McMahon also had us chuckling with her Brexit credits idea and reference to the much-loved show the Great British Bake Off.

Best Brexit Tweets - Alice McMahon

#5 @snackagracc

Upsetting a British icon? Oh, the outrage. Oh, the trauma! What has national treasure David Attenborough ever done to you UK politics?

Best Brexit Tweets - Grace Elizabeth

#6 @_Gingylocks

Keep calm and carry on. How apt! Stiff upper lip and all that.

Best Brexit Tweets - Gingylocks

#7 @cloudavies

Indeed, it seems comparing Bake Off to Brexit is the thing to do in times of crisis.

Best Brexit Tweets - Claire Davies

#8 @JackCowanx

Best Brexit Tweets - Jack Cowanx

No words. Laughing into our tea as we try not to lose sight of the seriousness of Brexit.

#9 @0point5twins

Best Brexit Tweets - Ben

Gripping stuff.

#10 @twcuddleston

Abby Tomlinson predicted May’s reaction at the confidence vote last December, with a picture from TV series Peep Show captioned “That wasn’t very Christmassy”. Comedy gold.

Best Brexit Tweets - Abby Tomlinson

#11 Ed_Miliband

Oh Ed. Whipping out the humour, even in the darkest of moments for poor old May.

Best Brexit Tweets - Ed Miliband

#12 @Kat_Burroughs

Katrina Borroughs keeping it real with a gorgeous pic her dog and a side-helping of Brexit humour.

Best Brexit Tweets - Katrina Borroughs

#13 @robinrimbaud

Best Brexit Tweets - robinrimbaud

The image reflected on this coin leaves little to the imagination when it comes to Brexit sentiment. No matter how you voted, the entire saga has been undeniably painful to watch at times.

#14 @AntonioVentre13

As Antonio Ventre pointed out, it’s all about the finer details. Nice tie Bercow.

Best Brexit Tweets - Antonio Ventre

#15 @CantSwingACat

It’s always good to have some sort of plan. Right…?

Best Brexit Tweets - Jenni Hill


In the words of the late great Freddie Mercury, “Look up to the skies and see.”

Best Brexit Tweets - Matt Keay

#17 @onelifelivett

Be sure to keep an eye on currency prices and market movements.

Best Brexit Tweets - onelifelivett

#18 @pascal_queeney

When Brexit news first dropped, the pound took quite a hit sparking an array of related tweets.

Best Brexit Tweets - Pascal Queeney

#19 @benfurneaux

Best Brexit Tweets - Ben

Nothing like a movie reference to lighten the mood – or not!

#20 @StigAbell

A solid analogy? What do you think?

Best Brexit Tweets - StigAbell

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