10 Exciting Tools for Crypto Traders

Crypto traders are the cool kids in the cafeteria right now. That said, this is not an easy thing to be doing because the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Prices can go up and down faster than an overexcited kangaroo. So if you plan on trading cryptos, it’s essential to be as savvy as possible. And that means making use of an array of exciting tools! Thankfully, there are many apps, forums and platforms out there specifically dedicated to the crypto trend. So here we go with 10 exciting tools for crypto traders.

#1 BitcoinTalk

When it comes to crypto trading, jumping in at the deep end isn’t advisable. Instead, you should stay updated with all the latest crypto happenings. Okay, so unlike the forex market, crypto prices aren’t directly affected by central bank decisions, political stability and such like. But market news, be it positive or negative, can certainly effect price movements. Market sentiment is something to keep a close eye on and what better place to discover all the latest than BitcoinTalk?

This is the leading crypto forum in the world started by anonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. BitcoinTalk covers a wide range of topics including blockchain, smart contracts and altcoins.

#2 CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is ideal if you need to find out specific information about a particular coin or tokens quickly. The site is divided into accessible blocks providing details about market value, trading volume and crypto trends. It also has a convenient ‘additional tools’ section offering extras such as a handy currency convertor. You need to know about leading and lagging currency pairs before making any trading decisions.

#3 BlockFolio

Want to manage your crypto portfolio in an effortless and hassle-free way? Then BlockFolio will give you the freedom and flexibility to keep a close eye on your investments on-the-go. The app lets you calculate exactly how much your portfolio is worth with access to real-time rate changes. Simply enter the coins you’ve invested in and the respective amounts and the maths will be done for you!

#4 CryptoCompare

When it comes to trading cryptos it can be difficult to know where to start, particularly if you’re new to the sector. CryptoCompare offers a comprehensive list of all coins and tokens and gathers essential trading information into one convenient package. Whether you want to learn more about coins, exchanges, wallets, mining, trading volume or rates for traditional currencies, this is the site for you.

#5 CoinView

Dubbed ‘the best all-in-one crypto investment management app with watchlists, market data, ICO information, new and secure trading via API on multiple exchanges’ CoinView is a must for those entering the crypto markets. This handy tool allows you to see the market at a glance thanks to candlestick charts, widgets and pie graphs. View the price of each cryptocurrency exchange side-by-side and keep track of over 2,200 currency pairs including Bitcoin and Ripple.

#6 CoinMarketCal

CoinMarketCal is a cryptocurrency calendar for crypto traders which is both evidence-based and community driven. It provides dates and a snippet of information about significant industry events that might be worth attending as a crypto trader. As the crypto and blockchain sectors become increasingly mainstream more and more summits, talks and networking opportunities are arising that could be good for business. CoinMarketCal keeps track of the best and is a go-to source if you want to mingle with likeminded people.

#7 CoinSpectator

Scanning through a multitude of crypto sites can be tedious and time consuming which is why CoinSpectator is so useful for crypto traders. As an advanced news aggregator, CoinSpectator allows you to monitor information from a multitude of high-end sources. These include media outlets, forums and blogs. A voting process is thrown into the mix to separate content that’s valuable from content that’s not.

#8 CoinCheckup

As the name suggests, CoinCheckup analyses different cryptocurrencies and gives a detailed overview of how they’re performing. The crypto research platform looks at coins from many different angles providing coin specs, investment stats, news, crypto volatility and so on.

#9 CryptoMiso

CryptoMiso helps you keep track of a particular blockchain or crypto project. This is important as software protocols need to be constantly developed and improved to help you succeed. CryptoMiso monitors the ‘commits’ of a crypto project within a particular timeframe. ‘Commits’ simply refer to the number of times the code is improved or added to.

#10 Coindar

Coindar is a nifty crypto investment tool. It’s essentially a web-based crypto calendar but it goes one step further by linking to the developers of blockchain projects. This allows tech teams to add updates and significant milestones. Coindar also has a social media analytics tool. This follows 1,600 blockchain developers’ profiles on Twitter to provide you with all the latest crypto info from the Twitter-sphere.

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