Who’s Who in the Nakamoto’s Den Contest?

One of the biggest blockchain events of the year is coming to Cyprus! And yes, we’re excited. We’ve already blogged about the speakers we can’t wait to see at Nakamoto’s Den which will take place at Limassol’s Carob Mill from 19th-20th February. But who’s who in the Nakamoto’s Den Contest? Let’s take a look.

The Battles – A Nakamoto’s Den Recap

Nakamoto’s Den is one of the most exciting summits of 2019 welcoming some of the industry’s brightest minds. The event will see digital start-ups and companies in a post-ICO position battle it our for investment in a competition that’s sure to set apart the weak from the strong.

An innovative, real-time showstopper, The Battles are no place for those unsure of the sector or without a fool-proof strategy. A huge crowd of blockchain innovators, investors and innovators as well as unforgiving ‘Battles Judges’ will ensure only the best of the best walk away with the prize! The structure of this creative event therefore adds credibility to an industry that has been plagued with scams and other malpractices. It shows how there are viable businesses within the ICO world willing to fight for their reputation, as well as digital start-ups that could take the industry to the next level.

The Contenders – Who Has Nerves of Steel?

So, now you know what’s at stake and how significant this event is shaping up to be, let’s find out who has been selected to go head-to-head in the Den. There will be 8 entries for each Battle in total, but here are the confirmed contenders who should be prepared to answer questions about their projects in an interesting, engaging, intelligent and knowledgeable way that will impress the audience.

Accepted Digital Start-Ups

Being a start-up in this day and age takes great dedication and smart thinking. Those prepping to face the judges include:

YAIR – Your Art Is Reality

The power of blockchain has infiltrated through multiple sectors with YAIR taking the value of art and securing it through blockchain technology. The YAIR Token works to unlock specific digital art experiences and is an equity percentage of the artwork itself. Digital art goes hand in hand with blockchain advancements making this a unique and innovative proposition.


DECIMATED is (as described on their website), “a post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game with true digital scarcity and item ownership.” Upon setting up a wallet and buying DIO tokens, users can choose to play as a human or cyborg cop, buy virtual items, trade with others and enjoy an interactive blockchain-based gaming experience. Pretty cool!


Creating a brand-new world for buyer and seller communication, WeBuy is offering the first on-demand advertising platform. Buyers set the rules and can choose when, how and why to be reached and paid. They can build profitable businesses by sharing information on their smartphone. And, geo-localise potential clients in real-time.

Accepted Post-ICO Projects

Companies in the post ICO stage have already secured interest, but they need to keep the momentum and investment flowing to reach their goals. Selected projects include:


Effect.AI offers a decentralised network for artificial intelligence frequently referred to as AI. The project is called the Effect Network. This runs on the NEO blockchain and is fuelled by the network’s NEP-5 token. Essentially, this is an interactive marketplace where people can offer and buy AI services in return for token payments.


weiDEX is a decentralised exchange allowing secure, cross-chain trading around the clock. It guarantees maximum security, transparency and open source logic and requires no personal information. Users can enjoy a host of other features not found on other exchanges including multiple order fulfilment, high reward referral system airdrops and more.


STASIS aims to bring the power of blockchain to traditional asset classes. It aims to combine crypto market potential with the reliability of traditional currencies. Through tokenisation, real-world assets can be represented on the blockchain. This helps to deepen liquidity and remove third-person intermediaries.


PARKGENE is an initiative with multiple incentives. Either, you can use the PARKGENE application to list an available parking spot in return for payment into your GENE wallet. Or, you can enter your destination and search and compare parking spots in that location. You can then use the app to navigate to the location and park safely. You can send, receive and buy GENE and other coins with your Credit Card. You can also exchange Gene for other crypto or fiat.

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