Nakamoto’s Den Speakers We Can’t Wait To See

Cyprus will soon host Nakamoto’s Den, one of the biggest blockchain networking events of the year. It’s set to be a fiery, competitive, real-time show-stopper with both digital start-ups and post-ICOs battling for investment. Strong projects will be rewarded and with an emphasis on authenticity, knowledge and education. The summit, taking place from the 19-20 February at Limassol’s Carob Mill, will welcome some of the industry’s brightest minds from researchers and CEOs to crypto bloggers and tech experts. So, with this in mind, here’s 5 Nakamoto’s Den Speakers we can’t wait to see.

#1 On Yavin

We just love a seminar with straight talking On Yavin scheduled to appear. An online marketing expert for the blockchain, crypto and technology space, On Yavin understands the hard-work and detail needed to execute winning strategies in these fields. On Yavin is the Founder and CEO of Cointelligence, a company that conducts essential research and analysis for the ever-changing crypto economy. When it comes to the advancement of crypto and blockchain tech, Yavin is a thought-leader with a significant contribution to make. He’s therefore sure to offer plenty of intelligent insights when he joins the panel at Nakamoto’s Den. The Contentworks Agency team caught up with On who commented:

With Cyprus proving to be another important hub for blockchain and crypto developments, I am really looking forward to speaking at Nakamoto’s Den and meeting the crypto community there.

#2 Alexis Nicolaou

Alexis Nicolaou is certainly one to look out for at the eagerly anticipated conference. As well as being the Director responsible for Grant Thornton Cyprus’ Distributed Ledger Technology services, Alexis Nicolaou is also currently completing his MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia. This is a first-of-its-kind course offering up-to-date information and guidance that can be readily applied in today’s advancing crypto sphere. Mr Nicolaou has also been involved with numerous  technology start-up projects. He brings over 25-years of C-Suite experience in the accounting, finance, media, content production and electronic banking sectors to the panel. Alexis told us:

It is a pleasure and an honour to be invited to speak at Nakamoto’s Den. An event that promises to put Cyprus in the forefront of blockchain developments, at a time when the Cypriot Government is also formulating its strategy for the adoption of the technology at public and private level.

#3 Toni Lane Casserly

A crypto and blockchain entrepreneur, Toni Lane Casserly co-founded A site which focuses on news and analysis from the blockchain/crypto/finance sector and CULTU.RE which seeks to revolutionise the governance of business. She’s an Advisor to many notable companies, funds and family offices including The United Nations, HSBC, Bosch and Cisco. With such hands-on experience, Toni Lane Casserly is a panel member we can’t wait to take notes from.

#4 Theodosis Mourouzis

Nakamoto’s Den seeks to educate and enlightening those with a fascination for advanced technology. Theodosis Mourouzis will share a wealth of knowledge comprised from his career as a Research Fellow at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies and Programme Director of the MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at the Cyprus International Institute of Management. He is also the Managing Director of Cyprus Blockchain Technologies LTD and therefore has first-hand experience of this very fast-moving sector.

#5 Robby Schwertner (CryptoRobby)

Robby Schwertner also known as CryptoRobby is a notorious blogger with a passion for the crypto sector and blockchain start-ups. The very nature of his job requires him to keep his finger on the pulse and as a regular speaker at blockchain conferences around the world, he’s sure to make an eloquent and well-informed contribution to the panel. Robby Schwertner’s crypto insights are published globally with his LinkedIn profile having a large following.

The panel at Nakamoto’s Den is extensive and these are just a few of the many contributors we’ll be heading along to see. At Contentworks we’re thrilled to be Media Partners for this event and can’t wait to network with like-minded people. If you’d like to arrange a meeting during the conference to discuss blockchain  marketing, please contact us today.

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