What Happens When You Order a Video from Contentworks?

At Contentworks Agency, we have produced winning scripts for a number of forex and ICO clients. Intrigued? Then we’ll tell you a little bit more about what happens when you order a video from us. We love a good video and when we love something – we keep talking about it until everyone else loves it too. We recently wrote the script for gaming legend PewDiePie and SGame Pro and couldn’t be more excited about it!

We really like getting our teeth stuck into high-quality video production for a good reason. Not just because we enjoy travelling to different locations to achieve the perfect backdrop– or because we thrive on getting creative behind the scenes. But because stats show that video is great for product development and brand awareness. It can help launch start-ups and is the perfect way to engage your target audience! Through video marketing we have helped ICOs to raise millions and their success is ultimately our success too.

Video marketing stats

We don’t expect you to simply buy into our passion just like that. So, here are some statistics which highlight some of the benefits of video marketing.

  • Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness with 76.5% of marketers and small business owners getting significant results from video marketing.
  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.
  • If text and video are available on the same page, 72% would rather use video to learn about a product or service.
  • If you create business video content that’s interesting, engaging and which your target audience enjoys – an impressive 83% of consumers would consider sharing it.

Step 1: Decisions, decisions, decisions

If you’re ready to walk in the footsteps of George Clooney or Angelina Jolie – that’s great, but hold your horses. Before you start learning scripts and rehearsing lines, you must first decide whether you want us to film you in what will essentially be a live video (edited to perfection of course) – or whether you want an explainer video which is usually brought to life through the power of animation.

Live video – the pros:

Tradeio live video scripted by Contentworks.

  • Great way to humanise your brand and introduce founders
  • Filming can be done in a wide range of settings and locations
  • Gives a behind-the-scenes look into your company
  • Brings products and services to life
  • Is exciting and can be used to generate a buzz online
  • Can enhance your reputation as industry thought leaders
  • Builds trust especially for ICOs

Going Live – the cons:

  • Takes time and requires team leaders to free up their schedule
  • Requires a memorised video script – don’t worry, we will help you on this!
  • Stage fright – it’s best to rely on those who don’t mind being in front of a camera

Explainer video – the pros

Rewards token script written by Contentworks

  • Help to explain more difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way
  • Can be fully animated and incorporate plenty of humour
  • Offer useful takeaways, tips and snippets of advice
  • Should be completely on-brand to reflect your business in the best light
  • Easy to share online via social media
  • Requires no good (or bad) acting skills

Explainer video – the cons

  • Less personal than a live video
  • Does not feature thought leaders or company founders
  • It is important to keep animated videos short- ideally under 2 minutes and this can worry some business directors!

Once the decision is made, the budget is approved and the contracts are signed off, our very imaginative minds can then start turning…

Step 2: Discuss the details

Once you’ve made up your mind  it’s time to take things further. We’ll arrange a Skype conversation with your team to discuss the vision for your video, dates you have in mind and specific details. Essentially, we want to get a good overview early on of what you want to achieve so that we’re all on the same page. We will also ask you to complete a video brief which we will use as a basis for our creative brainstorming. At this stage we will want to know:

  • Live or animated
  • Timescale for the launch (if the video is needed)
  • Who will be speaking in the video
  • Your vision, brand personality and message
  • Your call to action – eg “invest now” or “start trading”
  • Your brand guidelines – eg colours, fonts and other information
  • How you will use the video- eg for social media, website or to present live
  • Any compliance issues, risk warnings or restrictions

Step 3: Script is written and sent for approval

With all the necessary information, we’ll get to work writing a catchy, innovative, unique and engaging script designed to set you apart from the competition. We’ll use our creativity and industry experience to bring your visions to life before sending you a draft script for approval. We then require sign off from your team. That may include legal and compliance so that we can take things to the next level.

Step 4: A storyboard is created

If you have chosen an animated video then a storyboard is created. As mentioned above, if we are producing an explainer video one of the most effective ways to do this is through animation with some kind of theme. The storyboard, created by a leading videographer, will give you a visual indication of the direction we will take for the animated video. Our team will sign off internally on the storyboard before it is sent to you for approval.

An explainer video scripted by Contentworks for Tradeio
If you want to focus on a live video then we will make travel arrangements to come and film (bonus points if we like your location!) Essentially, we’ll send our exceptional videographer with our talented Creative Director to ensure the end result is nothing but awesome.

Step 5: Complete video is presented

The final stage is to present you with the complete video. Because we communicate with you every step of the way, there will be no nasty surprises… only complete delight and celebratory drinks! We can also give you some fun outtakes and behind the scenes photos for you to use on your social media channels.

Want to see what video marketing could do for your brand? At Contentworks we have extensive experience creating high-profile videos particularly for the ICO/blockchain sector. Our team of skilled writers, directors and videographers know exactly what makes a winning video and we are ready to make yours.

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