5 Blockchain events you MUST attend this year

Article published at Cointelligence

To make the most out of the opportunities offered by the rapidly evolving blockchain technologies, it is essential to be updated on the latest developments in the arena. And, the best way to do so is by attending some of the top conferences and events associated to the space. But, blockchain events can offer much more than just news. They prove to be excellent venues to meet and network with thought leaders in the field, get to hear their opinions and expectations regarding the future outlook of the technology and explore how others are applying blockchain to streamline processes.

At Contentworks, we attribute our continuing success to the fact that we regularly participate in these kinds of events, which have helped us stay in touch not just with the evolution in blockchain technology, but also with those working to disrupt various industries through the application of this technology.The good news is that all kinds of blockchain events are now being held across the world, all through the year. So, it will never be too difficult to find one close to your location.

Here’s a roundup of the best blockchain events you should attend in Europe during 2018.

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