Unlock the African continent in 2024 with FMAS:24

The website is now live for Finance Magnates African Summit 2024 (FMAS:24), the year’s largest professional event bridging the B2B and B2C space. The landmark event is returning for its second year this May 20 – 22, 2024, helping connect regional and local providers with global brokers, brands, and much more. 2024 looms as a key year for Africa, boasting an impressive resume of companies, startups, and overall potential. These factors have led to an enormous amount of hype and interest from the online trading industry, culminating in the hosting of several notable events, including FMAS:24. As returning media partner, Contentworks Agency is taking a look at the event:

Register Today for FMAS:24 to Unlock Africa’s Potential

The marquee event returns to Sandton City, a growing financial hub in South Africa. FMAS:24 will once again be held at the prestigious Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. This year’s event is expected to also draw a sizable attendance, including leading talent, the biggest local providers and names, and many other noteworthy experts yet again from around the world. Attendees can expect to take a deep dive into multiple verticals represented at length, such as the online trading, payments, digital assets, and fintech space. With only a few months to go until the doors of this event swing open, the time to reserve your seat is now.

What to Expect from FMAS:24

FMAS:24 is a can’t miss event that starts with professionalism and includes a diverse range of individuals available for doing business with. Attendees can expect to network, engage, and connect face-to-face with the following participants:

Multi-asset Brokers

  • Traders & Investors
  • Educators & Market Experts
  • Fintech & Payments Brands
  • Crypto & Digital Assets Businesses
  • Technology & Liquidity Providers
  • Press/Media
  • Regulators
  • Start-ups
  • Investors/VCs

FMAS:24 has got you covered featuring a robust slate of panel discussions, webinars, workshops, keynote speeches, and much more. These informative sessions provide the ideal forum and platform for traders and industry professionals to learn and gain valuable insights into new trading techniques, technologies, and trends in Africa and beyond.

The event is expected to attract upwards of 2,000+ attendees, 70+ exhibitors, and 50+ speakers, making FMAS:24 one of the largest events in Africa in 2024. The summit kicks off with its annual Networking Blitz Party. This premier networking party in South Africa represents an opportunity to engage and meet top-level leaders, speakers, and the biggest brands across multiple industries. Furthermore, the Blitz Party will showcase all the luxury that Sandton as well as everything that South Africa has to offer.

How Contentworks Supports Finance Brands

As Europe’s leading content marketing agency for the finance and fintech space. We will be covering FMAS:24 on our channels and continuing to support our brokers in the Africa region. Speak to us about marketing for your finance brand.

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