The Year of the Rat and the China Markets in 2020

So, last year was all about the Earth Pig, a symbol of wealth and fortune. We explored this in detail from a trading perspective. But with a new chapter of the Chinese Zodiac about to begin, it’s time to delve into the Year of the Metal Rat. This starts from the 25 January and lasts until the 2021 Lunar New Year’s Eve on February 11. Want to learn about the Year of the Rat and the China markets in 2020? Let’s do this.

The Year of the Rat – A Great Time to Invest?

Here at Contentworks, we know better than to break all compliance rules and offer investment advice. So, instead, we’re focusing on Year of the Rat facts and you can make your own decisions. Yep, compliance departments love us.

As the first of all zodiac animals, the Rat is associated with new beginnings and new opportunities, including earning more money, with 2020 dubbed as the perfect chance to become ‘successful.’ In Chinese culture, rats are seen as a sign of wealth and surplus. Unlike Water, Food and Fire Rats, the Metal Rat is believed to turn unlucky events into fortune helping to create a reliable and stable lifestyle.

With regards to The Year of the Rat, there’s also significant focus on renewals, which could mean revamping old strategies and approaching the markets from a fresh perspective. Long-term projects are also being encouraged.

But beware that all initiatives should be carefully planned. The Year of the Metal Rat is seen as strong, prosperous and lucky for almost all Chinese Zodiac signs. If the lucky element of your Chinese birth chart is water (based on Chinese Five Element Astrology) then the Rat will bring you extra good fortune in 2020.

Find out your lucky birth element here.

Fun Fact: The Year of the Metal Rat 2020 is the 4717th Chinese year.

The Year of the Rat – Trading Characteristics

Those born in the year of the Metal Rat are honest, frank and optimistic. They will not get depressed no matter how terrible the situation is, with a positive outlook being an idealistic characteristic for traders. That said; seeing things through rose tinted spectacles should be avoided when trading. A careful analysis of the markets is needed at all times especially with so much going on in the current climate regarding the ongoing US/China trade war.

Sure, phase one of the trade-deal has been agreed. The US has suspended tariffs that were planned on $160 billion in Chinese imports and halved the September 1 tariffs from 15-7.5%. China has agreed to boost its purchases of US agricultural products as well as ‘structural changes’. But much still lies ahead. The next phase is set to be fought through import/export controls, investment restrictions and sanctions – all of which will have a knock-on effect on the markets. Of course, if trade war risks go down, markets rally. But the opposite is also true. Investors will need to navigate an environment of slowing growth and an increasingly volatile environment which is likely to remain choppy throughout 2020.

The good news is; rats pay attention to the finer details of life and are good at spotting patterns and trends. They’re also alert, adaptable and quick to respond giving them all the necessary power to embrace opportunities. Unfortunately, however, rats also lack courage and often fail to see a plan through to the very end because of this. Rats also like to live a comfortable life and while earning more is always on their radar, they like saving and can be stingy which might make for a sluggish investment decision making process.

Rats are popular, yet don’t like being the centre of attention despite their clever, quick thinking attitude. Rats are content with living a quiet and peaceful life, meaning they’re unlikely to brag about any investment highs, regardless of their strategy success.

Fun Fact: Lucky colours for rats are blue, gold and green. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3 with unlucky numbers being 5 and 9.

Zodiac Signs and Investing 2020

Again, we’re not offering any trading advice. It’s up to you to do the groundwork. Here’s what’s written in the Chinese Zodiac.

  • The Rat brings good luck in wealth to the sheep. But the Sheep must manage their wealth smartly and legally.
  • If you were born in the Year of the Pig, the Zodiac advises you not to mix friendship with money throughout 2020. While the Pig happily travels with the Rat, the Rat can cause negative thoughts.
  • If you’re born in the Year of the Monkey you might enjoy success this year by making quick decisions that are promptly executed.
  • If you were born in the Year of the Snake, 2020 is believed to be a good time to recharge your energy and knowledge. Remember, it’s always important to read about investing and learn as much as possible about the markets.
  • The horse might face challenges and obstacles. This will eventually lead to a sunnier day with time and patience if you believe in the Zodiac predictions.
  • Water is the Dog’s money star and the Rat is connected to water. Therefore 2020 may be a prosperous year. MAY. Remember, this is all in the Zodiac and not from the mouths of us here at Contentworks.

The Year of the Rat is rapidly approaching, so contact us today for content throughout the New Year and beyond. As well as daily, weekly and monthly reporting of the financial markets, we also provide high-quality whitepapers, PR, video scripts, articles, social media management, strategy and more. Enjoyed reading Year of the Rat and the China markets in 2020? Hit that share.

We wish a very Happy New Year to all our clients and colleagues celebrating in China!  新年快乐! Xīnnián kuàilè!

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