Ready for Reflect Festival?

Time flies when you’re having fun and with Reflect Festival almost upon us, it’s essential to clue-up on the latest. The summit will run from 9-10th May 2019 in Limassol, Cyprus and is set to welcome some of the best innovators in the world. It’s going to be fab, so here’s a run-down of what not to miss.

The Chance to Mingle and Network

Thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, professionals and students will gather at the Carob Mill to share ideas and mingle with like-minded people. It’s a place for the curious. And the perfect opportunity to make new and exciting business connections. It will be a fun, diverse crowd keen to learn and network. plus we’ll be there. And we don’t bite (hard) so please say hi!

A Glimpse into The Future

Reflect Festival will host visionaries and inventors; insightful individuals that can offer a fascinating glimpse into the future. They’ll show you what’s in store for humanity with the help of gadgets, games and amazingly awesome tech. You may even get the chance to chat with Sophia the Robot. Sophia is the first digital citizen who has addressed impressive crowds including the United Nations. Reflect Festival is all about being proactive rather than reactive. It’s a forward-thinking initiative that is likely to take your breath away at every angle.

A Gripping Panel of Speakers

What’s great about Reflect Festival is that you will get to hear first hand thoughts from people involved in some of the world’s most interesting projects. Reflect Festival’s speaker panel is incredibly impressive and includes big names such as:

  • Sophia the Robot – as Hanson Robotics’ most human-like robot, Sophia will address the crowd showcasing her remarkable expressiveness, aesthetics and interactivity.
  • Jamie Bolding – Founder and CEO of Jungle Creations
  • Chris Duffey – Head of AI Innovation and Strategy at Adobe
  • Logan Cohen – Co-Founder and CEO of KUDZOO
  • Iman Oubou – Founder and CEO at SWAAY
  • Lukas Yla – CEO at CityBee

Check out the full speaker line-up here.

An Action-Packed Agenda

There will be a full, action-packed agenda taking place across both days. Speakers will take to the purple or blue stages and attendees are advised to work out a schedule so they don’t miss out. On day one, the purple stage will focus on ‘A Tech-Powered Life’ and cover topics such as “AI is Not Coming, It’s Here – What are you Doing About It?” Meanwhile, the blue stage will adopt a ‘Citizen of the Future’ concept and feature talk titles such as ‘Optimising your Office Performance.’

On day two, the purple stage will introduce a ‘Brave New World Theme’ with talks including Superhuman Innovation’ while the blue stage will zoom in on ‘Down to Business’ and cover issues such as ‘Are You Good Enough?’

The Contentworks team will be attending as a media partner and look forward to chatting with you. See you at Reflect!