Must-Read 2019 Video Marketing Stats

With video set to dominate 80% of all global internet traffic by 2021, now is the perfect time to perfect your video marketing strategy. And don’t worry about taking notes from Morgan Freeman or Julia Roberts. All you need is a well-written script,  a positive attitude and the time to learn your lines. Wondering why we’re making so much fuss about video? Check out these Must-Read 2019 Video Marketing Stats.

#1 Businesses in high-tech industries are publishing the most video content

Calling everyone in the ICO, blockchain, crypto and forex sector! This 2019 video marketing stat is for you and anyone else working in a fast-paced, technology environment. With innovative companies turning their attention to new video content, it’s essential to keep up. Especially as 90% of consumers say watching a video helps them make purchasing decisions and 64% are more likely to buy after watching a branded video.

Top tips: Don’t let your competitors have the edge. Listen to the stats and ensure you’re producing new, relevant and engaging content every month. In a world where innovation is key; there’s no time to get lazy or complacent, so it’s important to be as creative as possible.

#2 Snackable video content will dominate in the New Year

2019 video marketing trends include snackable video content. This means producing short, sharp clips that will engage your consumer; a technique that’s backed by important statistics. According to research, videos less than 90-seconds enjoy a retention rate of 59%. Those over 30-minutes retain just 14% of viewers. Interestingly, YouTube has also changed its metrics counting an ‘engagement’ whenever a user watches 10 seconds of video content. It used to be 30 seconds indicating that people now want punchier content and don’t hang around for longer clips.

Top tips: Think carefully about your 2019 video marketing message and include essential information in your video. Ensure your script is punchy and to the point. Always include some kind of call to action.

Struggling? Don’t panic, this is our speciality.

#3 66% of marketers get more qualified leads per year

No matter how hard you try, not everyone will be interested in your product or service and therefore it’s really important to focus on your target market. Knowing your audience is essential and by educating the right people through intelligent and innovative video content, you can up your qualified leads. 2019 video marketing will talk to consumers in a way that words on a page can’t. This explains why video is becoming increasingly dominant within the marketing space.

Top tips: As a company, make sure you have a formal definition of a ‘qualified lead’ in place. This will allow you to tweak your marketing materials appropriately and connect on an appropriate level.

#4 Businesses using video on landing pages jumped from 49% to 60% in 2018 

If you haven’t got some kind of video or interactive content on your landing page – it’s time to up your game. Video is not only stimulating and visually impressive. It also shows you’re making all the right moves in terms of perfecting your 2019 video marketing strategy. Your competition is likely to become more technologically advanced as 2019 progresses, which is why video should certainly be at the front of your mind.

Top tips: First impressions count, so think about outsourcing your video content to experts (hint hint) as this will save you time in-house and ensure you get the quality you need to impress.

#5 Product videos, demos and explainer videos dominate the marketing sphere

Looking to explain a niche product or concept to the masses? Perhaps you’ve got a blockchain-based ICO that’s in the pre-launch stages or have recently introduced crypto CFDs to your trading platform? Whatever the case; product videos, demos and explainer videos are a great way to hook people in and keep them interested.

Top tip: Remember what we said about 2019 video marketing being snackable? Keep your videos short and sweet but always include a call to action.

#6 Most B2B videos are watched on a Tuesday between 7am and 11am

This might sound a little off the wall but we’re saying it anyway. Data analysed from 600 businesses and over 250,000 videos  revealed that most business-related videos are watched mid-week. Furthermore,  the majority of video consumption occurs on Tuesday morning between 7am and 11am. We can’t say why this happens exactly, but as Mondays are notoriously sluggish and Friday is virtually the weekend, mid-week makes perfect sense to get serious.

Top tips: Release fresh video early on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when people are more likely to watch and hopefully engage with your content. 2019 video marketing must cater for your target audience by considering time differences across the globe.

2019 is almost upon us. So if you want to perfect your marketing strategy for the New Year, contact the Contentworks team today. We’ve produced videos for leading tech and finance companies and have worked alongside big names such as Pewdiepie – the world’s number one YouTuber.