Lights, Camera, Action- How to Prepare for Your Live Video!

As a leading content marketing agency we have a great track record producing high-quality video scripts for brokers, ICOs and tech companies like NEC. With a passion for authentic content, we usually attend live filming to oversee any minor script edits, ensure the tone is on point and assist speakers. So here’s some advice – Lights, Camera, Action- How to Prepare for Your Live Video!

Implement A Dress Code

Plain colours work best on live video so avoid designer labels, stripes, flowers and other patterns that can look disorientating on screen. If you’re a ‘casual’ company, then don’t feel you have to change your brand for the video. Maintain your laidback, funky vibe, wear denim if you like. Just remember, it’s important to look groomed and presentable – no matter what your style.

Learn Your Lines

This is for your benefit as much as ours. If you turn up to a live video filming session not knowing your lines, the day is going to drag and you’re probably going to feel a little bit embarrassed. Ideally, you’ll know what you’re going to say and can therefore spend more time getting your tone and pronunciation right rather than fumbling over every word. Filming sessions are fun, but they’re even more enjoyable if you’re on the ball!

Don’t Worry About Your Acting Skills

Many people shy away from producing a live video as they think they’re not good at ‘acting.’ The reality is; most CEOs and company leaders simply talk about their products and services in an interesting and engaging way – minus any Jason Statham-type stunts. So, whether you’re a thespian or not, don’t worry as no-one is expecting a Hollywood style performance.

Think About Confidentiality

Your live video will hopefully be circulated online and shared multiple times. Therefore, it’s really important to tidy away any confidential information from the office such as passwords and client documents. It’s also a good idea to wipe whiteboards clean, hide brainstorming notes and move anything that may symbolise a rebrand or a new product launch. Consumers are eagle eyed and will be looking out for things that you may not have considered ‘revealing.’

Create A Clean and Tidy Space

When it comes to your live video, think about where you want the filming to take place. Will you be indoors or out? Do you have a backup plan in case the weather is awful? You may also decide to have certain accessories and objects in shot such as green plants which help to convey a modern office feel. But it all depends on the essence of your company and what you feel most comfortable with.

Consider Natural Light

It’s a good idea to think about the natural light of the building according to the time of day and the time of year. While it might be sunny outside, glaring light often doesn’t work well when filming so it’s important to find a spot that’s well-lit but where those on the video won’t be squinting because of the sun.

Minimise Disruptions

We get it, your company can be extremely busy . But it’s a good idea to minimise disruptions when filming a live video as much as possible. Try to arrange meetings and interviews around your video production session and be ready to put your phones on silent as these can massively interfere with a filming session. Imagine, all is going well and you’re in full-flow, when your phone rings. Not cool, right? It’s also worth checking with the office manager to ensure there won’t be any computer technicians or window cleaners popping up unexpectedly.

Think About Signage

Do you have enough signage in your workspace? While standing in front of a massive company banner might be a little over the top for your live video, subtle nods to your brand work well and are generally a good idea. Essentially, you don’t want it to look like you’ve borrowed an office space for the sake of video production, so try to put your own stamp on the environment if possible.

Sign Release Forms

At Contentworks, we supply clients with live video release forms. Anyone appearing on camera should sign these as it gives us permission to keep them in the video even if they go on to leave the company after filming. Removing people from a video after it has been published is very difficult, so this is just to protect the work that goes into such a valuable marketing effort.

Speak Up!

If there’s something you specifically want to talk about in your video – speak up so we can tweak the video script accordingly. Similarly, if there’s something you feel uncomfortable about tell us! The sooner we know about an idea you have, the better. While we provide our clients with a full brief and talk you through the process, it’s important to communicate your vision with us openly and honestly.

If you’re interested in filming a live video for your brand – speak to the Contentworks crew today.