How We Build Winning Forex Education Centres

When it comes to forex trading, investing without the relevant information is not wise. While entering the live markets, testing out strategies and trying out new platforms can be exciting, it’s essential to do your research. You also need to stay on top of all the latest updates to guide your decision making process. Contentworks Agency has been working with the world’s top brokers to build winning forex education centres. Here’s how we do it.

Why are Forex Education Centres Necessary?

The world of forex trading is becoming increasingly competitive. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, so what better way to improve brand loyalty and acquisition than with a learning portal.  A forex education centre, academy or learning zone shows you care about the trading journey of your target market. It will also improve your site’s SEO visibility, cut down on calls to your support team, improve retention and prompt acquisitions. Trading is often nerve-wracking for those starting out and having some kind of support centre they can turn to is a great help.

Informative and Relevant Content

Behind great forex education centres is informative, engaging and timely content that’s tailored to the audience. A lot of thought goes into creating an accessible and intuitive environment where traders of all abilities can find what they’re looking for. Content typically includes:

Articles and Blogs

Regular articles and blogs help to keep the content on your site fresh which is great for SEO. They also give people a reason to keep coming back to check out the updates and clue up on all the latest info in their chosen sphere – be it forex or crypto. To make things easy for everyone, we tend to:

  • Split content into categories depending on trading levels such as beginner and advanced
  • Provide different articles for different topics of interest for example trading psychology, trading strategies, trading platforms and trading indicators
  • Offer trading tips and tutorials written in a way that’s simple to grasp
  • Include how-to features and step-by-step guides
  • Provide separate portals for crypto and forex

Bite-size Content

Long form articles can be useful, especially for those looking for in-depth information about a topic. These can be listed as trading guides or e-books and categorised accordingly. That said; we also provide bite-size content that contains keyword rich information that can easily be picked up by search engines and Google snippets. Bite-size content is also ideal for the skimmers among us. This group want to see large headers and short, snappy paragraphs of text which they can quickly read and process.

When writing for the web, SEO is always at the front of our minds. We work with brands to ensure they’ve carried out the relevant keyword research. We also know which words need to be weaved into the content produced for forex education centres.

Industry News

The forex industry is greatly impacted by a variety of economic and financial factors. These form the backbone of fundamental analysis, industry sentiment, exchange hacks, scams and more impact the crypto sphere. With this in mind, it’s crucial to keep your eye on all industry news so you’re informed before making any trading moves at all.

Popular news features which help to keep traders in-the-know include:

  • Daily forecasts and reviews
  • Daily crypto analysis features
  • Monthly outlooks
  • Political/ government moves
  • Hot topics like Brexit or the elections

Other industry staples can also be covered such as any news of ICO malpractice, the forking of a cryptocurrency, currency pair movements and new tokens listed to exchanges. We can also incorporate news regarding a specific company/brokerage into this section.


Video content is great for forex educational centres.

  • Help to explain trickier concepts in a clear way
  • Spice up the look and feel of your portal and cater to those who don’t want to read text
  • Give your brand a face helping to improve the credibility of your business
  • Can be shared easily across social media channels with a link back to the portal

A one-size fits all approach to building a forex educational centre doesn’t work. That’s why we strive to understand not only the needs of the brand but what their target audience wants to see too. Once we have the facts, we can choreograph a content strategy that’s designed to draw people towards an educational portal loaded with must-read information.

Remember, nobody likes to feel stupid. By tailoring your content to the relevant learning abilities, each reader will keep pace. A good learning centre will inspire traders to deposit funds, return regularly and trade with confidence. Isn’t that every broker’s dream? If you’d like help with your forex education centre, contact the Contentworks team today. As a leading content marketing agency specialising in the financial services sector, we’re ready to help you hit your content marketing KPIs.