Happy 7th Birthday Contentworks Agency

On May 15, 2017, Charlotte and Niki officially launched Contentworks Agency. Fast forward to 2024 and Contentworks is now the go-to financial services marketing agency with FX brokers, banks, fintechs and payment providers as clients around the world. Today, we’re celebrating 7 years at the forefront of financial services marketing and giving you all a little birthday gift.

How It Started

Seven years ago, we embarked on our agency journey fuelled by a deep knowledge of the financial services marketing space, and a feeling that things could be better. Less boring, more engaging and yes still compliant! When we first started, our vision was clear: to change the way financial services are marketed and communicated. As seasoned financial marketers, Charlotte and Niki were well acquainted with the financial services space. Its media outlets, forums, challenges, secrets and marketing techniques. From there it was all systems go as the first client was onboarded in launch month followed by many more.

Fun Fact: On launch day, we prepared “we want you” boxes for forex brokers and banks across Cyprus. They contained chocolate. That day was almost 30 degrees. There were a lot of cool boxes in Niki’s car!

How It’s Going

It’s going well! Like every successful business, Contentworks Agency has had its highs and lows, and they were not always expected. Circa 2021/2022 we saw a huge rise in business as brokers turned to Contentworks Agency during covid lockdowns. Their client bases had increased, volumes were up and we were in high demand.

In 2023/2024 content marketing met AI. Whilst our team utilises AI for research, we have always delivered human written content to our clients. Most of whom know that human written content performs better and is favoured by Google. But sadly, we saw a few clients aim to replace their marketing teams with AI tools. Their blogs now start with “in the realm of forex trading” and we’re sad about that.

Fun Fact: We are increasingly asked to rewrite AI websites and blogs for financial services clients. Definitely a 2024 thing!

We’ve seen an increase in demand for PR services and so expanded our offering to include popular media outlets like the FT, Bloomberg, CNN and Forbes. We are also seeing more finance brands seeking expert strategy and communication to differentiate their brand in the crowded financial services space.

And we’re busier than ever with events, media partnerships and speaker slots. Don’t miss Niki who’s speaking and moderating at this year’s Reflect Fest. Plus, the team will be at the iFX EXPO International Cyprus for some networking and to catch up with all our clients.

About That Birthday Gift

As we celebrate our 7th birthday milestone, we’re grateful for the trust and support of our clients, who have been with us every step of the way. And if you haven’t joined us, now’s the time.

New clients: We’re offering you a free piece of analysis. The 500 word article will be uniquely written for your finance brand. You can choose 3 currency pairs/stocks or cryptos and send us your landing pages or signup links to include. Email hello@contentworks.agency to request yours.

Contentworks clients: We’re offering all our past and present clients a very special offer. If you don’t hear from our team this week, be sure to drop us a message at hello@contentworks.agency .

As we raise a toast (and guzzle down some cake), we extend our thanks to everyone who has been part of our journey. That’s our clients, team, media friends, referrers and partners. We’re excited about the next year and look forward to meeting you all at upcoming expos, and events. Book a free Zoom with our team to discuss your financial services marketing.

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