From Forex to Crypto – The Ultimate Brokers Checklist

Article published at Finance Magnates

Diving in the deep end without all the relevant information can be very risky.

The crypto craze took off in 2017 with the market cap passing $160 billion towards the end of the year. Not only were crypto headlines a regular occurrence but content marketing agencies such as Contentworks who specialise in tailored solutions for the finance sector became increasingly busy with crypto/blockchain/ICO related content.

Despite extreme volatility and plummeting prices, digital assets continue to attract investors throughout 2018 with crypto CFDs proving a particularly popular way to trade cryptocurrencies without actually owning the underlying assets. This is largely due to the fact that traders can benefit from market moves in any direction.

A surge in crypto awareness has also prompted brokers to jump on the crypto wagon and offer access to the global crypto markets. But if this is something you’re considering, you need to pay attention.

Diving in the deep end without all the relevant information is risky, so with this in mind, here’s the ultimate crypto launch checklist for brokers.


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