Contentworks Joins FinanceFeeds for FX Industry Conference

Contentworks is set to attend the Finance Feeds FX industry conference which will take place on June 21 2018 at the St Raphael Resort in Limassol. The one-day seminar-style event will welcome some of the brightest minds in finance and is the first in a series of global conferences.

Power of social interaction

At Contentworks, we thoroughly believe in the power of networking and meeting clients face-to-face to develop strong business relationships. That’s why we’re excited to be attending yet another Cyprus-based event which provides a great opportunity to mingle with industry thought leaders and make connections with new and interesting people.

Panel discussions on hot topics

As well as plenty of time for social interaction, there will also be three panel discussions involving key figures from within the finance sector. Topics for discussion include: data driven marketing, how to retain your customers through technology and reduce costs and smart ways to stay ahead of regulation. There will also be keynote speeches covering essential matters such as improving customer acquisition and retention in a bid to boost ROI.

Developing professional relationships

Unlike the Limassol iFX EXPO which took place in May, there will be no booths. Instead, attendees can expect plenty of engaging conversations and lively debates about issues that are very relevant to the global finance industry at the moment. The focus is on strengthening and developing business bonds and interaction. Andrew Saks-McLeod from FinanceFeeds said:

“For many years, electronic trading has led the advancement of technology for the financial sector, and has relied upon being an online business, however relationships between brokers and their respective providers have become absolutely vital, and the ability to meet and discuss important issues face to face is very necessary, as is networking. We continue to commit to providing a very high quality platform to facilitate B2B business globally and welcome you all to this event.”

Beautiful venue

The Finance Feeds conference will be held at one of the most beautiful locations in Cyprus, the St Raphael Resort in Limassol. The impressively designed hotel with its strikingly picturesque gardens is the ideal place to get away from your desk for the day and mingle with like-minded people. Finance Feeds events are always well-organised too with plenty of food and drinks to keep those busy brains ticking (snacks are the way forward, after all). As well as trying out the various culinary delights on offer, we’re also really looking forward to networking, learning and watching the panel events which will take place through the day.

Contentworks and FinanceFeeds

Here at Contentworks we regularly publish with FinanceFeeds to keep finance enthusiasts updated on the latest content and social developments happening in the sector. Writing and sharing useful information is what we’re great at and FinanceFeeds provides us with the perfect avenue to voice our thoughts and opinions as well as to spread the word regarding vital data and statistics.

We are big supporters of the FX and finance sector. Much of our work revolves around producing high-end content for finance companies – particularly within the crypto, blockchain and ICO space. Which is why we’re always keen to attend popular social networking events to connect with clients, make new contacts and to learn as much as we  can from well-respected people.

If you’d like to meet us at the event or arrange a meeting in advance, feel free to contact us today for more information! We look forward to seeing you there.