Contentworks Participates in Charity Paintballing Battle

The Contentworks team has signed up to the 1st financial industry charity paintball tournament in Cyprus and are set to battle it out on the field. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Do we sound fierce enough yet?

This unique and undoubtedly competitive event (we know what you brokers are like) will take place on Saturday 28th April 2018 at Paintball Cyprus in Moni. It will be sponsored by TradeSocio – a fintech company providing state-of-the-art disruptive technological solutions to the finance sector – and raise money for Folia Agapis, a well-respected Cyprus charity.

Folia Agapis works alongside new and experienced foster parents offering much-needed guidance, advice and training. Folia Agapis also arranges a wide array of fun activities and games to help foster children to develop essential social skills. The charity gives youngsters across the island an opportunity to thrive and we’re thrilled to support such a worthy organisation.

As well as raising funds, the event encourages friendly competition and provides a fun environment for companies to release some of that corporate stress. So, why not forget that Saturday morning gym session or beach run and burn off some pent up energy paintballing instead?

With regards to the rules, a broker can register multiple teams of at least five members. A team of five members costs €100 to register which is just €20 per person and all proceeds will go to help Folia Agapis. Of course, we love a little competitive spirit here at Contentworks – not to mention all the banter during the lead up to the big day – so we present to you, the Contentworks team:

The Contentworks Bulls

Niki – BossLady – you can run but you can’t hide. She’ll hunt you down – trust us.

Kelly – WordCrusher – with shouts of support from her four-year-old sidekick, she’ll be in the zone.

Emily – Emegatron – part-human, part paintball jedi, she’s got all angles covered.

Antonis – Optimus Geekus – chief strategist, he’s already pinned us down for one hell of a pep talk.

Evros – Bizerker – he’s already talented with graphic design so paint will be no problem.

Charli – IronWimp – With on brand pom-poms at the ready she’s got our social strategy covered.

The Contentworks team is firmly committed to making a difference through charitable events and fundraising. Read more about our corporate social responsibility here. See you on the field!

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