Contentworks To Attend The Cyprus Fintech Expo

It’s expo day for the Contentworks team who will be attending the upcoming Cyprus Fintech Expo on November 8th 2017 in Nicosia. The expo is a one-day event combining education, networking and a good look at the latest products and technologies disrupting the traditional financial services. Who doesn’t love a bit of disruption right?

As a content marketing agency specialising in financial services and fintech, the team is looking forward to meeting like-minded professionals, joining in the talking points surrounding the impact and future of Fintech and keeping up to date with the rapid developments of the latest technology revolution.

The Cyprus FinTech Expo is expected to have an impressive attendance including Chief Financial Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, IT Managers and of course those all-important entrepreneurs.

Technological innovation is reinventing the finance industry and with the rapid surge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the evolving intersection between technology and financial services just got interesting.

Contentworks is working alongside some of the most innovative sectors in the fintech arena including crowd-funding, block-chain and cryptocurrencies like bit-coin. If you would like to meet our team, please contact us to set up an appointment, oh and coffee!

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