Contentworks Agency Celebrates 1 Month Birthday!

Some brands celebrate their birthday after one year, but at Contentworks we have achieved so much in our first month that we wanted to share it with you. Also, Birthdays equal cake and who doesn’t love cake right?

In this article, we take a look back at the highlights of our first month, the talented people who contributed to our launch and our funniest startup moments.


January 2 Website Planning


The content planning for began way back in January 2017. With our core values Energetic, Consistent and Experienced in place and our brand style guide written, everything just flowed. Our finished website content reflects the uniqueness of our agency and the expertise of the team. It also shows a flair for fun and quirkiness which represents us perfectly.


January 9 Contentworks.Agency Domain secured


We secured our domain name! No, it’s not a dot com but that’s ok… it’s 2017 and we can be whoever we want. With the team celebrating the domain name choice, we wondered … is it too soon for cake? Yes probably.


January 26 – February 24 The Logo Saga

Ah yes, our logo. There is a reason it took nearly one month to finalise and that reason is that we are not designers and designing a logo when you’re not a designer is hard. As you can see, our earliest attempt at a logo was nothing short of diabolical. Fast forward three weeks, thousands of mock-ups on Canva, 99Designs and a ton of other websites and we had our own library of terrible logos.  Enter the talented Evros at Cyprus Designs who quietly sketched out our logo hopes and dreams in just an hour and completely nailed it. Our finished logo, a hot air balloon distributing colourful content, is born. Yes, it’s a hot air balloon. If you see a lightbulb with text then that’s ok too.


February 9 Company name registration


Our company registration is finalised and we are again wondering if it’s too soon for cake.
A cheeky croissant and a latte later and we are back in the office drawing up our official contracts, templates and all the other boring stuff that startups have to do.
Contentworks Agency as a legally recognised trade name is born!


March 20 Business Cards Arrive


There’s nothing quite like seeing your logo on paper for the first time and the arrival of our first business cards prompted non-lady like screeching at the Contentworks office. With our colours and designs perfected by Evros, we were very happy bunnies and couldn’t wait to give them out to anyone and everyone. (A few even got given out on the way back from the print shop!)


March 29 Company Photoshoot


With an imminent PR plan scheduled to launch, the Contentworks directors scheduled a photoshoot with one of the island’s top photographers Theo Georgiades. Theo is best known for his wedding photography but completely rocked our corporate photoshoot. We loved our photos which totally reflected our agency culture and the underlying respect we have for one another. Theo also managed to make us look flawless despite a sweaty day of running around meeting new clients. The man’s a God.


April 15 Official Launch of Social Media Profiles


As a content and social media marketing agency, this was one of our most anticipated moments… the launch of our social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and G+. With our social media strategy, graphics and posts planned from January, we were practically shaking with excitement over this one. Our social media profiles reflect the real people behind the agency and the updates that our target audiences really want to see. Who wants to read boring corporate stuff on Facebook anyway right?


May 15 Website Launch


After months of planning and preparation with talented digital agency Convertico Media, we launched our website. Convertico’s website designer Loucas and developer Elena did an incredible job of pulling together our creative ideas, stick man drawings and many revisions of web text to create the beautiful site. A collaboration of creative minds and technical skills has made this a beautifully optimised and fully functional site and we just love it. May 15th also marked the date when our press releases started to hit big sites like Leaprate, Finance Magnates and Finance Feeds. As forex veterans (yes we have to use that word), our relationship with the media is long standing and we value their support immensely.


May 17 We Want You Boxes


Packed with branded goodies, flyers, handmade chocolates and snacks, our “We Want You Boxes” were prepared by Directors Charlotte and Niki. Experts in PR and social media marketing, the team selected the island’s top influencers and brokers and personalised each box just for them. Of course, when we planned the chocolates we hadn’t planned the sudden 30 degree heat wave. Grab the cool box, crank up the A/C and let’s deliver these babies! 12 long, sticky and brilliant hours later and the social media response was phenomenal. Today really helped to spread the news about Contentworks Agency and it was great to meet so many awesome people.


May 24-25 Our First iFXExpo


After many years of attending the iFXExpo with our respective brokers, it was finally time to shine as an independent agency. Three days of networking, parties, hot dogs, coffees, meetings and hot dogs again made for an exhausting but thoroughly productive week. Contentworks director Niki took up the challenge by our Facebook fans to tackle the onsite climbing wall. Interest in content marketing solutions was at an all-time high as the topics of MiFID II, CySEC and adblocker problems echoed through the seminar halls. Special thanks to Bloomberg and Conversion Pros for such well organised events.


June 15 Happy 1 Month Contentworks Agency!


Can we have cake yet? Yes, we can. It’s been an exhilarating first month and one which must be rewarded with some much needed confectionary. The Contentworks team wants to thank everyone involved in our launch and we promise plenty of surprises in the coming months.

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