Contentworks 2018 Year in Review

What a whirlwind 2018 turned out to be. It’s been completely awesome, so as the year comes to an end, let’s look at the year’s highlights in the Contentworks 2018 Year in Review.

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Provided Content to 70+ Banks, Brokers and ICOs

Tailoring content to the finance sector is our thing. We love keeping up with all the latest advancements in this arena. With crypto volatility keeping us on our toes, ICOs requiring top whitepapers and blockchain infiltrating mainstream industries, the past months have been exciting. We’ve made some great partnerships throughout the year from Cyprus-based brokers to global tech companies. We have completed 40+ video scripts over 2000 daily analysis reports and a whopping 22,800+ tweets. We’ve also published over 500 press releases!

Created Content for 20+ Forex Educational Centres

It’s no secret that rules and regulations dominated the sector this year. Tighter scrutiny called for less promotion and more integrity. So we focused on education centres, quality thought leadership and unique and inspiring content marketing. For brands to stand out from the crowd, they need to become a go-to source of information and that means providing a content hub specifically catering to their target audience. From expert videos to forex blogs, we helped many companies improve their content strategy.

Attended Top Finance Seminars and Gatherings

We love networking and have attended many educational seminars throughout the year including the iFXexpo which took place in Limassol back in May. Our very own Creative Director, Charlotte, was also invited to be part of the Speaker’s Panel and took to the stage to discuss a wide range of relevant topics including content authenticity. She totally rocked it, of course!

Media Partnered With Decentralized

Decentralized was dubbed the European blockchain conference of the year and we were official media partners. The event in Athens, Greece was organized by the University of Nicosia (UNIC). Decentralized welcomed over 70 speakers and 1300+ attendees from more than 40 countries across the globe. As blockchain pioneers of the Mediterranean, UNIC is rapidly becoming a go-to institution for those looking to enhance their knowledge about that digital asset sector. At Contentworks, we’re also the media content partners for the University of Nicosia – MSc in Digital Currency, which is the first cryptocurrency-based course of its kind.

Worked with Clients in 19 Countries

We live in a digital era with very few boundaries when it comes to creating awesome content for clients. As an online agency, we’ve so far worked with clients in 19 countries and counting. We also travelled to Germany and Ireland this year to film videos for our clients.

Contributed towards #literacyforall

Literacy is close to our hearts. It’s at the forefront of everything we do and at Contentworks we believe that access to reading materials and education should not be reserved for the privileged few.  In 2018 we sponsored an education program alongside non-profit organisation Room to Read. The charity focuses on education and literacy throughout Asia and Africa. We’ve loved following updates from the charity and plan to work with them again in the coming year.

It’s been a great year and we want to thank all our clients, colleagues and partners! We have plenty planned for 2019 so stay tuned on our social media channels. Wishing you a very happy 2019 from the Contentworks Agency team!

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