Charlotte Day and Niki Nikolaou Launch Marketing Firm

Charlotte Day


easyMarkets employees Charlotte Day (Head of Content Marketing) and Niki Nikolaou (Senior Writer) have recently confirmed that they have left their positions at the forex broker. The two women have launched their own independent marketing company by the name of Contentworks, which will focus on the content related needs of CMOs in the forex and financial sectors.

Day and Nikolaou have seventeen years of finance related marketing experience between them, during which they have gained a substantial following of industry chiefs due to successful content and public relations campaigns. According to her recent interview with Forbes, Day’s publications on social media and content have been shared on more than 500 websites around the world. Nikolaou is a well-known speaker at NGOs and government events and conferences.

“I’m bringing creative energy back to the forex world which needs awesome content marketing more than ever before.”

Day, who will now act as the agency’s director, said: “My background is in content and social media marketing leadership with a stron… Read more…


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