Crypto to shift to regulations and security…

Article published at Global Crypto Press.

Another month, another set of opportunities for crypto traders! Contentworks, the go to agency for forex and cryptocurrency content marketing is here with your monthly forecast.July was a good month for cryptocurrencies. The combined value of all cryptocurrencies rose by more than $100 billion. This happened after Blackrock released its second quarter earnings report. In the report, Blackrock announced that it would form a committee to explore future investments in cryptocurrencies.

This was a big news for cryptos because of the value Blackrock would bring to the space. The company has more than $6 trillions in assets under management. Therefore, even if it allocated a tiny percentage of its assets into crypto, the value would be a lot. In addition, other competing asset management companies like Vanguard, Blackstone, and PIMCO would likely follow Blackrock into these investments.