How Hedge Funds Can Leverage Content Marketing

Hedge funds can openly advertise and market their services, however despite this, only a handful capitalise on this provision. This prompts the debate about how hedge funds can leverage content marketing and more importantly are they? Because of their reputable status, many new and smaller hedge fund managers believe that investment performance is enough to attract investors, and that it’s futile to consider marketing of any kind, including content marketing.

Wait… futile… what?

We beg to differ.  The decision to invest in a hedge fund is a complicated one where lots of factors are taken into consideration beyond investment performance. As such, in order to meet the demands of investors, heightened operational requirements, and a dynamic regulatory environment, it is definitely wise  for hedge funds to leverage content marketing.

How hedge funds can leverage content marketing

While it’s wise to tread with caution when it comes to marketing a hedge fund, managers should by no means turn down content marketing as an effective strategy for winning over investors.

Here are some specific techniques Contentworks Agency utilises on behalf of hedge funds, to drive more clients using content marketing:


One of the first forms of content marketing a hedge fund should leverage is a website. As well as providing basics, this should also be used as a platform to highlight investment strategies, research and results as well as creating engaging, useful content such as articles, market analyses, news releases, stock information, tax information, forecasts and much more.

Another important section to feature on your website is an ‘Our Team’ or ‘Our People’ page, with links to each team member’s LinkedIn profile for increased credibility. Some must-have sections that should not be overlooked include a ‘Corporate Responsibility’ section, a ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ section and an ‘Our Philosophy’ section. Pages of this nature highlight that you are an innovative, forward-thinking and open-minded firm that regards these matters with utmost importance.

In addition to the above, you can create a section of your site devoted to videos explaining complex topics, all of which can be leveraged on your social media channels. Since video has the potential to significantly increase site traffic, it’s certainly worth including it in your marketing strategy to tap the vast potential of qualified investors.

Having a best-in-class industry website with a modern, responsive, mobile-friendly web design is an effective way to give you a competitive edge and portray you as an industry leader, which is very attractive to potential investors. Website content can also be featured within email campaigns and on social media to drive even more traffic to your site.

Social media

Social media is an extremely powerful tool that opens the doors to communication and presents you as modern, accessible and informative. Having a well-thought-out social media strategy enables you to connect with industry contacts, build strong networks of interested people and develop a positive industry reputation.

Many hedge funds are harnessing the power of social media and raising millions in capital as a result. The social media platforms predominantly used by asset managers include:

  • LinkedIn: A fantastic resource for mapping out your organisational structure, viewing hedge fund investors’ profiles and improving business relationships
  • Facebook: The ideal place to accurately and strongly represent your skills while building rapport and generating an email list of interested people
  • Twitter: Can be leveraged to follow trending financial news and connect with influential people in your sector.
  • YouTube: Reach customers by uploading videos which can then be shared through other platforms, posted on websites or emailed with a link. Your subject matter is complex, but your videos don’t need to be. In fact they really shouldn’t be!
  • Instagram: A great way to share images related to your hedge fund and reach out to younger investors


Video is everywhere and it’s certainly taking content marketing by storm, accounting for more than 69% of all consumer internet traffic. As such this is the ideal way to demonstrate the distinctiveness of your hedge fund and attract potential clients to your site.

When it comes to videos there are a number of options, including:

  • A video of the fund manager explaining the philosophy of the fund
  • Videos of team members to help build credibility and trust
  • Educational videos about individual topics to help explain complex subjects
  • Videos related to broader finance or money management issues
  • Videos of media appearances and conference presentations

Lead magnets

Another way to leverage content marketing is via lead magnets, which typically come in the form of digital, downloadable content such as eBooks, reports, PDF checklists, whitepapers or videos. Outlining key issues and information, they are usually offered in exchange for contact information. Be sure to hit those GDPR check boxes and double opt in any new subscribers.

Is your hedge fund capitalising on the powers of content marketing?

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to leveraging content marketing for hedge funds. However, it’s essential to create a detailed content marketing plan. Your content marketing plan should factor in your account budget, client demographic schedule and branding in order to create an effective strategy that generates cash positive results.

If your hedge fund needs to improve its content marketing, speak to our team now. We work with leading financial services companies to improve their acquisition, retention and brand appeal.

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