7 Steps to Cryptocurrency Marketing Success

Cryptocurrency Marketing

Article written by Contentworks Agency and published at Cointelligence

Cryptocurrency has had a turbulent two years. In 2018, what came to be known as the Crypto Winter, crypto prices tumbled to historic lows as the number of cryptocurrencies entering the market accelerated. Despite safe-haven cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum weathering the bear market and resurging in 2019, many other smaller cryptos did not make it. While most of these casualties were victims of a market correction, there is another narrative that can explain the tremendous fail rate of startup cryptos, altcoins, and crypto exchanges.

Most startup cryptos entered the market through an Initial Coin Offering or Initial Exchange Offering. Founders created the crypto asset, explain it in a whitepaper and then launched an offering. While this initially worked, today, with over 1600 cryptos in the market, this is not enough. What most founders may not realize is that, like any other product, crypto success requires a strong marketing push.

In this article, Contentworks, an agency specializing in content marketing for financial services, crypto and blockchain looks at 7 marketing steps crypto founders can take to gain greater market visibility and build a stable and viable crypto business.


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