10 Things to Check Before Decentralized

Decentralized Checklist

Are you ready for Decentralized Athens? Organised by the University of Nicosia and taking place from 14th-16th November 2018, this exciting networking opportunity is the perfect time to mingle with thought leaders and make new business connections. It will also help you to expand your crypto/blockchain knowledge. So to make the most of this experience which will showcase the potential of innovative tech – here are 10 things to check before Decentralized.

#1 Order Business Cards

Online marketing is what it’s all about, but when attending a summit such as Decentralized 2018, printed materials add a touch of personalisation and charm. Handing out business cards with your contact details on them will help people to remember you and encourage them to get in touch after the event. As with all marketing efforts, make sure your cards best represent your brand.

#2 Connect with Speakers and Sponsors Pre-Event

Welcoming over 70 guest speakers including Antonis Polemitis, CEO of the University of Nicosia (UNIC) and fintech expert Spiros Margaris, Decentralized is the place to be to discover all the latest insights from the blockchain sector. As an attendee it’s a good idea to connect with speakers and sponsors pre-event to get the latest event updates and perhaps arrange a meeting at the conference. You can introduce yourself and establish a professional dialogue via social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

#3 Think Athens Winter Clothes

Decentralized has been dubbed the hottest blockchain summit in Europe, but the weather probably won’t match. Athens temperatures tend to average around 18 degrees in the day and can fall to 11 degrees at night. Business attire is recommended, but be sure to be comfortable! You’ll also want to pack some more casual sightseeing attire in your suitcase too.

#4 Check out the Agenda and Figure Out Your Schedule

When you arrive at Decentralized, it’s well worth knowing the schedule. That way you can decide which talks you definitely want to attend and work out when you can arrange meetings or head out to explore Athens. If you want to relax after a busy day, don’t miss the networking cocktail events scheduled for the evenings.

#5 Check Directions/Local Area/Venue and Transport

Decentralized will be held at the luxurious five-star Divani Caravel hotel in Athens, Greece, located within walking distance of Syntagma Square and other top attractions. To make the most of your stay, research the local area and come up with fun things to pop on your itinerary. So everything runs smoothly, you should also check out suitable transport routes with the Metro service being ideal for tourists.

#6 Get All Of Your Questions Ready

Do you have something specific you want to ask the speakers or sponsors? Perhaps you want to pick the brains of industry experts about a project you’re running. If so, get your questions ready in advance so you don’t miss anything important. Decentralized is a unique networking opportunity which will see over 1200 attendees from 70 countries gathered under one roof. So be sure to make the most of this occasion as it doesn’t happen every day.

#7 Top Up Your Revolut Card For Some Drinks and Treats

Top up your Revolut card and enjoy your best life in Greece for a couple of days. As a digital banking alternative allowing you to set up an account via your mobile phone and spend abroad with ease, Revolut takes the hassle out of travel – so don’t be bringing that dated old Visa.

#8 Learn About The University Of Nicosia and Decentralized

Decentralized is organised by the University of Nicosia, a global leader in blockchain education and research. This educational establishment offers the world’s first full academic degree in blockchain and therefore it is well-worth swatting up about their involvement with blockchain tech. Before attending, look at the success of last year’s event, delve deeper into 2018’s conference and discover why so many industry experts want to be there.

#9 Promote Your Attendance on Social Media

Tell your followers you’ll be attending Decentralized and what you want to take away from the event. Being part of summits like this shows a will to stand out in the industry and therefore is great for business. Remember to tag the organisers in your post and add Twitter handles where necessary. You can also write about Decentralized via business sites like LinkedIn.

#10 Book, Book, Book!

We’re assuming you booked already. You did book didn’t you? If not, do it now! Decentralized 2018 is too good an opportunity to miss, so gather your team and be part of the fun. The ticket price includes coffee and refreshments, cocktail drinks and lunches, networking drinks and finger food on all days – we can’t wait.

As media sponsors for the event, the Contentworks team will be present on all three days, so if you’d like to meet with us face-to-face or ask questions in advance – contact us today!

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