Technical Analysis to Go

Technical analysis is a very important trading discipline, first introduced by Charles Dow, used to evaluate investments and identity trading opportunities. It can be used on any security with historical trading data and looks at everything from price trends and chart patterns to momentum indicators, oscillators and moving averages. Should financial services brands be providing technical analysis to clients? As a leading content marketing agency for the finance sector, we say yes and here’s why you need it.

Technical Analysis to Go – The Benefits

What do we mean by technical analysis to go? We mean fully managed, unique technical analysis delivered to your email. No need for expensive inhouse analysts or RSS feeds from the big financial sites.  Get your own analysis for the pairs, commodities, cryptos or metals you offer.

#1 Stand out from the crowd

The brokerage market is saturated and competition is fierce. Traders need a reason to choose you and technical analysis is it. Regular reports show you’re on the ball and care about the needs of your traders. Technical analysis makes it easy for new traders to get an overview of the market and get to grips with analysis tools and language. It also gives experienced traders a reference point to see if their individual research is matching up to that presented by brokerages. Being a go-to source of knowledge and offering a precise, regular overview of market conditions and sentiment will help you to stand out from the crowd. Essentially, you’re looking to be as useful as possible to clients. And technical analysis from Contentworks Agency ticks this box.

#2 Have regular blog content

Having a company blog is great for SEO. Especially if you talk about trending topics or incorporate commonly used keywords in the trading world such as ‘technical analysis.’ A blog can also extend your outreach. Posts can be shared across social media linking back to your site. This can increase traffic and improve ROI. But you must provide content that’s regular, relevant and helpful to traders. Technical analysis is all of these things. The markets are constantly changing, so use technical analysis to showcase your expertise. Analysis written by trading experts gets straight to the point using the very best charting tools. So, you only draw relevant points from the market.

With so much to do on a daily basis, technical analysis is a real time saver. It will keep your blog alive with little effort and help you to develop a loyal following who turn to your company for trading insights and important confirmation of markets trends.

#3 Use technical analysis in email sends

Sending technical analysis in email sends is a good way to promote your business and stay in touch with clients without being overly salesy. Instead, you’re showcasing the fundamentals of what is happening in the market and providing useful information that traders can use to inform their trading strategy. This is a more productive than bombarding them with salesy marketing lines time and time again.

Many companies offer trading platforms such as MT4 which provides technical analysis tools. These include Fibonacci and Gann-based tools, as well universally popular indicators and oscillators such as MACD, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, Moving Averages and more. By drawing attention to a technical analysis report and highlighting that your platform also offers detailed technical analysis tools your marketing strategy looks insightful and informative. It also highlights the benefits of your trading platform in a non-forceful way.

#4 Technical analysis works in-app

Got your own company trading app? Great. Technical analysis works in-app too providing much-needed information to traders on-the-go. And the great news is you can choose the technical analysis you require. Whether you want to look at specific currency pairs or require a more detailed look into crypto, we will deliver. Technical analysis uses tools to showcase the movement of currency pairs which in turn informs trading decisions. Make this information widely available and attract a wider audience.

#5 Remain compliant

At Contentworks Agency we know the compliance rules and never provide trading advice or direction in our technical analysis reports. Whilst we recommend all content is checked by your compliance officer prior to publishing, we are certain that she/he will be pleased to see all is above board. Our reports focus only on market movements and relevant news and we do not guide, advise or promote products to traders.

Interested? Then order your technical analysis from Contentworks. We offer everything from daily forecasts and reviews to weekly outlooks and monthly crypto reports. Our delivery is reliable, timely, accurate and tailored for your brand offering.

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