How Do I Launch A Blockchain Product?

One question we are often asked is “How Do I Launch A Blockchain Product?” During the first two months of 2018, Blockchain and ICOs raised US$1.3 billion. So, 2018 is set to beat last year for Blockchain launches.  Blockchain is the Mo Farah of the tech world – fast moving, consistent and exciting to watch. Tech of this kind has made headlines for its speed and as people look for new and innovative ways to record the history of economic transactions, it’s sure to prove its endurance.

While blockchain first shot into the limelight during bitcoin’s 2009 launch – now it’s ready to sprint! So what should you do if you want to launch your own blockchain product? Let’s find out.

Spend time on your whitepaper

When it comes to promoting your blockchain product – be it a new crypto token or a blockchain exchange with innovative tools and data for professional traders – it’s essential to spend time on your whitepaper. To stand out from the crowd, attract investors and get people genuinely interested in what you’re trying to achieve you must:

  • Cut out the fluff and include real substance –no waffling.
  • Know your target audience – who are you aiming your product launch at?
  • Know your brand – what’s your tone of voice and what messages do you want to project?
  • Include all the relevant sections including: executive summary; business introduction; solution and product; token implementation; token deployment roadmap and team.
  • Be unique and use up-to-date stats which reflect the current market and your company.

Produce a top-quality video script

To launch a blockchain product, you don’t need to be the next Tom Hanks or Nicole Kidman. You’re not going to be on the big screen any time soon, but if you want to engage your target audience, you must have:

  • A well-written video script
  • Interesting visuals
  • An excellent videographer
  • An action plan – where will your video be shared?

It’s also essential to:

  • Introduce the team as this humanises your brand
  • Include relevant branding such as logos and slogans
  • Ensure your video is well-edited with a professional finish

Write blogs and PR material

While content is more than the written word, don’t rule out blogs and PRs. These are essential marketing tools that help to convey trickier concepts in detail and increase brand awareness. All blogs and PRs should:

  • Be well-placed to receive the most views – this will require research but it’ll be worth it for the additional interest and engagement.
  • Be SEO friendly but not overly stuffed with keywords. All of your content should make sense and be easy to read to avoid confusion.
  • Include relevant links.

Know your marketing strategy

So you have a blockchain product and have prepped a whole load of marketing material – but what’s next? Well, it’s important to have a marketing strategy that can be easily implemented.

Every business and launch is different, but you must know the order in which you want to do things to ensure everything runs smoothly. For example, you might release a series of teaser PRs and blogs before going live with your website. You might then roll out your video and direct people back to a specific landing page. The video can then be promoted via sensational content marketing.

Of course, online marketing has become somewhat trickier for the finance and crypto sector due to the recent social media ad bans, but there are still things you can do to get noticed on social platforms. For instance, you could:

  • Embrace the art of storytelling – this is a great way to break away from promotional rhetoric and avoid using words related to banned topics such as ‘ICO,’ ‘cryptocurrencies,’ ‘crypto,’ ‘binary options’ and ‘blockchain.’
  • Product great content – why not consider live video broadcasts? These can be interesting and engaging without upsetting regulatory bodies.

Stay Relevant

Blockchain technology develops at a rapid rate, so always keep up with the latest news and innovations to ensure your product launch remains relevant. Those interested in the blockchain are likely to have done their homework and won’t appreciate information that’s out of date. The trick is to never stop learning and to adapt accordingly. Know what other companies are doing out there and try to stay one step ahead.

Reading widely and staying informed could also inspire your next business move. Blockchain, after all, is taking on many different angles with collaborations from companies such as March and IMB continuing to drive blockchain capabilities forward.

If you need help to launch a blockchain product  talk to the Contentworks team today.


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