How PR and Content Marketing Work Together

If you want to boost brand awareness, extend your reach and improve your reputation then a solid PR and content marketing strategy are essential. But did you know that the two can work together? Combining them can make it easier to take control of your narrative, generate leads and appeal to wider audiences. Let’s find out more.

PR And Content Marketing

In 2024, the content marketing industry will grow to be worth an estimated $600 billion according to Forbes.  This growth is attributed to increased digital consumption, the rising importance of personalised and targeted content, and the integration of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning in content creation and distribution. Businesses across various sectors recognize the value of content marketing in engaging with their audience, building brand awareness and driving sales, leading to more substantial investments.

While public relations (PR) is all about strategic communication from an organisation to the public in a bid to maintain or cultivate brand image, content marketing is about creating and distributing high-value content that’s designed to attract and retain a carefully defined audience.


Public relations is the practice of managing and disseminating information from an individual or an organisation to the public in order to influence their perception.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is used to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. This approach establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind.

PR and Content Marketing Strategy Tips

We work with leading finance brands to develop and implement winning PR and content marketing strategies. It is common for PR and content marketing to be done at the same time and both involve promoting a product, service, or brand and getting the word out to the public. They often overlap and can be used together to create a cohesive strategy for reaching and engaging with target audiences

Embrace Thought-Leadership

A well-placed, high-end piece authored by your director could attract the attention of industry experts and help elevate your brand’s reputation. High-quality, detailed, innovative, unique and well-optimised blog content will confirm the expertise of your company for anyone checking your site via PR links and will ideally rank for specific search queries, drawing in a new audience. Speak to our team about crafting thought leadership content marketing for your brand.

Promote New Products and Services

A press release can be used to promote new products and services to defined audiences. Publications will be selected based on the relevancy of their target audience for maximum exposure. But there’s plenty you can do from a content marketing perspective to support your PR updates. From teaser videos on TikTok and how-tos on YouTube to blogs, personalised email sends, dedicated product page updates, competitions and more, you can be as creative as possible. Make sure the details of your products and services are impeccably aligned. With established connections in media outlets like the FT, Bloomberg, CNN and Forbes, Contentworks Agency is the #1 choice for brands looking to effectively establish thought leadership, and achieve results in highly competitive markets.

Talk Up Industry Accomplishments

PR communication is a great way to talk about industry accomplishments such as awards, accreditations and expansion . PRs are typically written in the third person and remain to-the-point and factual. They’re great to share with clients and stakeholders alike and can be used for SEO too. Post links to awards, milestones, funding rounds raised, charitable missions and successful events.

Set Very Specific Company Goals and Missions

Consumers love brands on a mission, making corporate responsibility even more important in today’s fast-paced world. For example, a global survey by Nielsen revealed that 81% of respondents felt strongly that companies should help protect the environment. With this in mind, setting clear company goals and missions is a good idea. These can be promoted through PR and content marketing.

You should consider the following:

  • Specific goals (what exactly you want to achieve with your content)
  • Audience insights (who your content is for)
  • Content types (what kinds of content you’ll create)
  • Promotion plan (how you will distribute your content)

Optimise Content For Search

Of course we write human content for humans because Google doesn’t like AI. But search intent is the why behind a search query. If you want to rank high on Google, you’ll need to match it. Utilise relevant keywords in the article or PR and in its subheadings and meta description.

Repurpose Content

Shaping a detailed and factual press release is time consuming which is why many companies outsource to agencies like Contentworks. But what you do release can be repurposed to fuel your content marketing strategy and extend the life of your content. For example, rewrite a press release into a blog, create an infographic or break it down into social media posts. Be as creative as possible. PR doesn’t need to be stuffy. Accompany key information with eye catching graphics, videos and even gifs.

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